Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Possible Attrition

It wouldn't be the offseason with a defection or two, and it appears as if the Wolverines won't be immune this offseason.

I think pretty much everyone expected this to be Aaron Palushaj's last season with the Wolverines, though some quotes mid-season spawned some hope that he'd be around to see at least one of the upcoming outdoor games. While nothing is official, HockeyBuzz (yeah, I know) reported yesterday that it's 80% certain Palushaj will turn pro. They also mentioned that the Blues have expressed interest in signing Travis Turnbull to an AHL contract, which would be nice for him. Remember, his dad played for Red with the St. Louis Blues. I guess a couple other teams are interested in Turnbull as well.

There are also rumblings that Scooter Vaughan is considering looking elsewhere. Hard to blame him if he decides to go through with it. He played a ton as a freshman, got off to a pretty bad start this year, got benched, and only saw time as a checking-line forward late in the year. With Mitera gone and Moffie coming in (I haven't heard otherwise), there's going to be the same log-jam back on the blueline.

Mark Mitera signed with the Ducks and will report to the Iowa Chops of the AHL. Also, Brandon Naurato signed with the Stockton Thunder of the ECHL. He'll be reunited with ex-Wolverine David Rohlfs.

Lindsay Sparks and the Oakville Blades will play Game 7 of their OJHL semifinal series tonight at 8:00.


streaker said...

Well I'd bet that Aaron is gone, Tim.
It would be a shame for him since I doubt that he is NHL ready... and it would weaken Michigan's chances for a run next year because he is key to their offensive success. He and Capo are not the go to guys that Kolarik and Porter were, but it would be nice to have offense on more than one line in big games.

I think Palushaj needs to add muscle and work on his game since IMO he disappeared at the end of the season.

As far as Scooter- where would he go? Maybe he would consider a move to forward. Tough break, seems like a nice kid, but that isn't enough to make it on this program.

Scott said...

heh, heh ... Tim said "log-jam". You been watching "Big Lebowski"?

Brent said...

Turnbull's a graduating senior...how would his signing a pro contract be a defection, exactly?

Packer487 said...

Wouldn't be...it was just mentioned in the article so I thought I'd throw it in there.

Anonymous said...

Palushaj left

Brent said...

And Turnbull signed with the Portland Pirates (AHL).

1whoKnows said...

Palushaj = Assist king. He's not as key to the offense as some would think.

Enter Robbie Czarnik and David Wohlberg. DW has proven himself time and time again with every shift.

Czarnik hasn't gotten a lot of top line time, but he's got the skill and speed to be lights out.

Palushaj is nowhere near an Andrew Cogliano or even a Max Pacioretty, but Michigan still survived without both of them didn't they?

I'ts another RELOAD for Michigan and never a REBUILD.

Someday little brother sparty will understand this concept. Then again maybe they won't. :)

Anonymous said...

UofM will be fine.

I agree that next year won't a rebuilding year, but a reloading year. The incoming freshman class is very underrated. A.J. Treais is healthy, uber-skilled and will flourish with Michigan's open style of play. Chris Brown is a brusing winger who will win the crowds over with his physical play. Kevin Lynch is the kind of player you want on your team as he does all the little things, plays with an edge, and will chip in big goals. Sparks, Moffie will all be solid additions.

Go Blue!