Monday, March 09, 2009

Burlon, Wohlberg CCHA All-Rookie Selections

In what should be a shocker to nobody, the CCHA named David Wohlberg and Brandon Burlon to the All-Rookie Team today. They join Connor Knapp, Chris Wideman, Matt Martkowski, Zac Dalpe, and Billy "Ye of the kicked-in goal" Maday. Wohlberg and Maday tied for the freshman scoring lead in conference play.

Friday's game is at 7:35 on Comcast Local. Saturday's game will take place at 7:05 (note the start time if you have tickets) on Fox Sports Detroit. Sunday's if-necessary game is 7:35.

The Ann Arbor News had a great interview with Red. I liked reading this:
And I've always said, if a kid is ready to play in the NHL - and I know what that's like; that's a dream come true - and it's time, I'll drive you to the airport. But, on the way, we'll talk to you about how you can graduate. Even (Los Angeles Kings defenseman) Jack Johnson (who left U-M after two seasons) went to school all last spring and summer. And, he's coming back again this summer. But, he's a special kid. He's 60 (credit) hours away. Good for him.

And this got a laugh out of me:
If I wanted to sign a five-year contract, they could easily do it. And they would, I'm sure. But I don't think that's entirely fair, because I don't know if I can live up to that. I just didn't want to make a five year commitment and say: 'Geez, I'm going to be here until I'm 75 or something.' And recruits might come in and say: 'Holy Christ, he's gonna be our coach?'

Jack Campbell started all three games for the U17s this weekend against Alpena (2 wins and an OTL, 7 goals allowed on 86 shots), which goes against the usual goalie rotation. I think we have the reason why: Will Yanakeff, the MSU commit who split time with Campbell, was kicked off the team along with Stuart Higgins (Maine), and possibly Kyle Palmieri (Notre Dame).


Anonymous said...

I like the bit in the article when asked about what really disturbs him- and he veils his distain for agents and the kids that leave early without planning on finishing school or evaluating whether they are ready.
He's had enough of those type of encounters with his kids and the slime that convince them to jump early.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of leaving early, I saw on MLive today (3/10) players' reactions to playing in Madison. Both Palushaj and Capparusso commented in ways that make it sound like they'll be staying (knock on wood), LC's moreso than AP's IMO

"It screams once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I'm gonna try to make the most of it," said Caporusso

Added Palushaj: "It's awesome. It's gonna be a great experience next year, and hopefully the year after if we play here against (Michigan) State."