Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Michigan vs. FYS Outdoors? It's On!

A day after it came out that Michigan was interested in hosting an outdoor game in 2010 comes the announcement that the game is on, likely for Dec 11, 2010 and that FYS will be the opponent. Michigan will be hosting two games that weekend, Friday night at Yost, and Saturday at The Big House (with Sunday as a backup day). With Ford Field hosting the Frozen Four in 2010, the Wolverines could potentially play four games in football stadiums in that calendar year.


SyracuseWolvrine said...

So my travel plans for next calendar year are going to include trips to Wisconsin, Detroit, and Ann Arbor, all during hockey season? I moved to Florida to get away from the cold!

Anonymous said...

Don't remind us Eric.

SyracuseWolvrine said...

yes, but there's no hockey down here. it sucks.

Anonymous said...

yeah, but there are no jobs, here. That sucks.

Anonymous said...

Do we have any chance of the Grand Rapids Regional?

Packer487 said...

I think it kind of depends if the NCAA goes for the attendance grab or sticks true to the notion that the highest seeds get to play as close to home as possible.

We're probably not passing Notre Dame in the PWR, even if we beat them in the CCHA Tournament. So they will probably get to be in GR as the #1 seed, unless the NCAA realizes that the only way they're going to pack the place is if Michigan is there.

I wouldn't count on seeing the Wolverines if I had tickets for that regional, unfortunately.

I still think Michigan should be bidding out Van Andel (or the Palace or the Joe) if the NCAA is hell-bent on not letting anyone aside from Minnesota host at their home rink.

It's an advantage to get to play close to home--and it guarantees you won't have to go face someone else close to THEIR home. Might as well do what it takes to be a host school somewhere.