Sunday, March 22, 2009

Michigan to Play Air Force in Round One

The brackets have been unveiled. Michigan will be playing in the East Regional in Bridgeport, CT. We get Air Force in the first round. If we win, we'll take on the winner of Vermont and Yale.

This regional plays on Friday and Saturday. Friday's games are at 3:00 and 6:30. Michigan will play at 3:00. The Regional Championship is at 6:30 on Saturday. All three games will air on ESPNU in HD.


Notre Dame/Bemidji State


Michigan/Air Force

Full preview to come later this week.


Anonymous said...

that west regional is nasty. miami was a 2 seed before last weekend and UMD just beat Denver 4-0 last night

Packer487 said...

Yeah, can't say I'm unhappy we avoided that mess. Miami isn't the first-round reward I'd be looking for as a #1 seed.

Anonymous said...

One other thing I like about the bracket--We're not in the same half of the bracket as BU.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm wrong, but, it seems to me that the #1 Overall, BU, might actually have one of the hardest roads to DC. OSU can get lucky, then NoDak is no gimme.

Packer487 said...

BU is the 1 seed and we're the 4, so I think the winner of our bracket is matched with the winner of their bracket in the semifinals, no? So if the seeds hold, I think we would actually play BU in the semifinals.

@jman077: BU and Denver ended up with harder roads than the CCHA teams, IMO. OSU has beaten Michigan and Notre Dame this year. They aren't great, but they're a decent enough team with a pretty darn good goalie. Then if they win, they either get a host school in UNH (who always chokes, granted) or North Dakota who was on fire up until this weekend.

Then Denver gets Miami in the first round and either a UMD team that just smoked them, or a Princeton team with a Hobey-finalist goalie.

Notre Dame/Northeastern could be a fun matchup if it happens. Two really darn good goalies going at it.

And we've got a pair of Hobey finalists as potential opponents in our regional as well.

It's gonna be fun! I like our chances of making it to DC if they can tighten up the D a little bit and make the power play not blow chunks.

Anonymous said...

"BU is the 1 seed and we're the 4, so I think the winner of our bracket is matched with the winner of their bracket in the semifinals, no? So if the seeds hold, I think we would actually play BU in the semifinals."

That's what I thought, but USCHO has it otherwise. Their arrangement has another potential rematch with the Domers. Who am I to argue?

Anonymous said...

Nevermind :( USCHO switched it. Well, it isn't supposed to be easy to win this whole thing :)

Anonymous said...

U of M grad living in Colorado Springs... please Michigan, do NOT take this team lightly. AF is a very good hockey team and would be in the top half of CCHA.

If you doubt me, ask Minnesota about taking AF lightly in the regional in Denver a couple of years ago. AF waxed Minny's ass for 50 minutes and then let up, allowing Minnesota to save face.

Ask DU and CC what it's like to overlook AF.

Anonymous said...

There's no reason UM should be taking the Falcon's lightly, since they had a 13 game winning streak to open the season and feature the nation's leading goal scorer. Some fans may take them lightly, but Red absolutely won't.

bluetell said...

I should hope after the debacle on saturday that we won't take anyone lightly. I'm sure the team is aware of how dangerous air force is

Craig Barker said...

Air Force's netminder gave Miami absolute fits last year at Worcester and has a sub-2.00 GAA. Air Force would have made it in as an at large, so thankfully, the debacle at the Joe should have the team focused and ready to go.

larry said...

Could someone please tell me why Red is screwing with our lines this late in the year? He was completely out of his mind by Starting Scooter on our 4th line. Other than Luke's goal that line looked like they were a bunch of blind men playing the game. The 4th line has always been counted on to bring energy to the team when they seemed to be dragging and lifeless. If we want to make it to the frozen four he needs to get back to a 4th line that makes sense not the 3 blind mice we ran out there this weekend

Anonymous said...

Larry, I think Red knows a thing or two about coaching hockey. I will trust him, even when it looks questionable to everyone else. But maybe you are Larry "Big Bird" Robinson?

Anonymous said...

Anyone who thinks UM is going to over look Air Force, I have two words for you: Holy Cross. They were the 15 (or 16) seed in North Dakota a few years back. They beat Minnesota. This was one of the greatest games I've ever been at (incl the 2002/2003 regional games at Yost). UM played UND after this game and I can promise you they knew the outcome before they started their game. So Red and some of the seniors are very aware of what can happen if you over look at team.

Hope to see everyone out in CT. Come be loud and lets help push UM through to Denver.

Go Blue!

Anonymous said...

sorry... DC.

Anonymous said...


The fourth line was juggled because Winnett was injured against Western Michigan. I don't know about Fardig, but I assume he is hurt also. PLUS, Scooter has more size and defensive skills than Ciraulo. They already had Naurato in for Winnett, so the choices were limited.

I think Michigan is going to have their hands full with AF, but can and should beat them, providing our goaltending doesn't melt down.
Vermont/Yale is winnable also.

If they do not make the FF I will conclude that this team underachieved.

Anonymous said...


Underachieved? I find it hard to agree, even if they lose in the regional... for all their success this season (and last, for that matter), this is still a very young team. I think with the large sophomore class things were being set up more for runs the next 2 years, but we're spoiled. :) Remember, many were wondering at midseason if we'd miss the tournament.

That said, now I think the team is as good as anyone and has a legit shot to win it all. The regional is very winnable so here's to 4 more wins.

Packer487 said...

Yeah, I don't think I'd slap the underachieving label on them if they don't make the FF. If you had told any of us before the season that Mitera would miss almost the entire season, we'd miss Kampfer for half the year, and we'd inexplicably forget how to play hockey in front of Billy Sauer, I think any of us would have gladly taken 2nd in the conference and a #1 seed. I don't think any of us would've been calling "Frozen Four" in that situation.

That said, there's no excuse not to win this regional. I know anything can happen in one and done hockey, but you gotta take advantage of a draw like this.