Thursday, September 01, 2005

Datsyuk Close to Signing?

Reports abound this morning that Pavel Datsyuk may be close to signing a deal with the Red Wings. Citing SovietSport newspaper in Russia, the Detroit News reported that Datsyuk was a no-show as the Russian National Team left today for EuroTour--a tournament in Europe that Datsyuk was to play in if he wasn't signing with the Wings.

Apparently 1270 and 1130 am in Detroit have also reported that he's close to a deal. Good to hear, hopefully Holland isn't stupid about how much money he's paying him. If it's more than $3.5 mill a year or so, my enthusiasm of him signing will be greatly diminished.

The Fourth Period (credibility question mark alert!!) article about Datsyuk rejecting the Wings contract offers from a couple days ago also mentions that they are close to signing Zetterberg. Haven't heard that anywhere else, but it's a good sign. Hopefully they can get both players under contract before I snap.

Also from The Fourth Period--but with a General Manager quote and citing the Boston Globe so you can probably believe this one--apparently Andy Hilbert wants out of Boston. This article was from while I was on vacation so I missed it. GM Mike O'Connell said "He's asked to be moved and I've told him we'll do our best to accomodate him." I don't suppose it's too much to ask Kenny....The Wings could use one more scorer and Hilbert would be cheap. He's coming off a great year in the AHL and might be ready to make "The Leap". No clue what Boston's asking price for him would be, but I think it'd be worth a call. But he played for Michigan so the Wings will naturally have no interest.

One last thing today...Mike Rosenberg has a wonderful article about why Michigan fans should appreciate Lloyd Carr while he's here and not complain so much since we've got the 3rd best record in the country over the last 8 years, only behind Florida State and Miami (and just a half game behind Miami for second).


Anonymous said...

Interesting, because there was an AP article yesterday afternooon...

That says Detroit isn't anywhere close to signing Datsyuk and Zetterberg. They've got $7 million of cap space and want to sign 4-5 players... that's going to be tough without getting someone at a bargain this season.

Packer487 said...

Yup the articles today are now saying that they're nowhere close. Awesome.
And Holland was talking about how Sept. 5 means nothing to him and the only deadline he cares about is in December when RFAs can't sign for the rest of the year.
I wish the Wings could bring in someone else to sign RFAs because Holland is awful at it.