Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I'm a Spoiled Little Brat

I think I just might be the only person in the world that has felt like he got punched in the stomach when he found out that he's got center-ice season hockey tickets.

My tickets for Michigan hockey this year are in between the red line and blue line on the end that we'll be defending twice. And yet I felt like throwing up when I found that out. The last two years I've been on the glass in the end where we play offense twice, and I absolutely loved it.

Any photo on MGoBlue that you see? I'm in there. Critical faceoff late in the game? There's Milan Gajic laughing at the latest sign on my dry-erase board. Finnish goalie? Here's a sign in Finnish saying that he's a sieve that ends up getting mentioned on INCH (Not as cool as being linked by Feldman, but still....). Whomping on Notre Dame, keep track of the number of goals scored in the season series on the dry erase board (Final total: Michigan 40, ND 7) and greatly embarass Chris Trick. AJ Thelen learned that he's fat and jumped into the glass to try and knock the sign down. AJ Thelen's mom stole that sign, and quickly learned that the Yost student section has each other's backs...as some random student ran over there and stole it back for me.
Where did Porno Moustache originate? Look no further than our group.

And now? I'm at center ice. My view of the game will be better. I'll actually get to see how we manage to give up goals on the far end. But making signs on the dry-erase board will have no effect since I'm not on the glass. I can't even cuss out the players on our team that I don't like (Thankfully Eric Werner is gone) since I'm right behind the Michigan parents.

Maybe I'll get to the game Sunday and find out that I really really like my seats. The ones on the glass weren't real conducive to having the slightest idea what was going on in the northeast corner of the rink, and it was sometimes tough even seeing the play around the north goal. This should make for having a better view of the entire ice, and I'll get to watch Jack Johnson more, which is always a good thing. But I can't help but already miss getting to watch one of the highest scoring teams in the country go to work for 2 periods, while at the same time having the best seat in the house to make fun of the opposing players.

I guess being in the house is what's important, right?


Brian said...

Dude, you will change your mind the instant you sit down. I had right behind the opponent bench seats two years ago and goddamn, man, they were sweet. I also sat on the glass last year, about a section south of you, and hated it.

Packer487 said...

Yeah, I'm sure they're going to end up being awesome seats. I just really love watching us play offense, and I really love being able to make signs and have em right up on the glass. But as for a view of all the action, I'm not sure there are a lot of seats better than the ones it looks like we've got.

Do you have tix for this year?

Anonymous said...

section 17, row 2