Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Two Michigan-related Tidbits

The Michigan hockey series against UNO has been moved from the new Quest Center to their old arena "The Bullpen" due to a scheduling conflict. The Quest Center is slated to host the Nebraska High School Wrestling Championships that weekend.

The spin from UNO:
"This will be another great experience for both our players and fans," Herbster said. "Our program will have a chance to relive where the roots of Maverick hockey began and the atmosphere in that building will be electric with Michigan coming in that weekend."
I'm sure they're thrilled to be losing 2,000+ fans per game (and the potential to sell 6,000 extra seats per game).

In other news, Michigan students got this email from the U of M Ticket Office:
Throughout the years, the back of a Michigan football ticket has stated, "this
ticket if lost or stolen will not be replaced." Due to an increase in the number
of reported lost tickets, The University of Michigan Athletic Ticket Office will
begin enforcing this policy of not replacing student football tickets.

We have replaced student tickets in the past few years as a service but the number
of lost tickets has increased to a point where it has become nearly unmanageable.
We know these tickets are valuable, so please take action to safeguard your tickets.

Hold on to your tickets and see you at the Big House for an exciting season!

Go Blue!

Marty Bodnar,
Associate Athletic Director, Ticketing & Marketing
Amazingly, students tended to "lose" their tickets more often before the Michigan State, Ohio State, and Notre Dame games. Go figure. I love the way they told students to stop selling their tickets and reporting them as stolen so they can still go to the game without actually saying it.

Still don't feel like talking about the Dale Jarrett/Kevin Harvick situation from the weekend.

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