Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Dat$yuk Gone, Zetterberg Official

I didn't want to say anything until it was official, for fear of jinxing it like I did before, but Zetterberg is signed, sealed and delivered back to the D. He's getting 10.6 over 4, which isn't at all unreasonable, especially considering that locks him up long-term (and past when he could become a UFA normally). That's going to look like a great signing in a couple years.

At the other end of the spectrum, Pavel Datsyuk, who signed a deal with a Russian team for a rumored $6 million. It's unclear whether or not his contract has an out-clause. Yesterday Holland thought it did, today he says it doesn't and that the Wings will proceed as if he's not going to be there. Too bad they couldn't get him signed, but the Wings will survive. Datsyuk is replaceable (though he would've been more replaceable if Holland wouldn't have dilly-dallied for so long). In the meantime, enjoy Siberia, Pavel.

Holland butchered this one. I know I applauded him before for not overpaying Datsyuk (and it appears that he did not in fact offer $5 million per season to him), but at the same time he knew they were very far apart, he knew Datsyuk had lucrative offers to stay in Russia, and he didn't leave himself any option for a plan B. He now says that the Wings aren't going to be able to get a top 6 forward and will instead use Datsyuk's money to bolster the 3rd and 4th lines. There's no excuse to say all along that you won't let a player and his agent push you around, and then let them back you into a corner where you don't have a viable alternative. I'd be on the phone with New Jersey, looking to steal one of their forwards in the firesale that has to happen at some point since they're over the cap. Friesen maybe? Sparty Rem Murray, who was invited to camp, is not the answer. Neither is Dan LaCouture. On the plus side, at least they're bringing in a couple guys who played college hockey. Hell Kenny, call up Boston and see what they want for Andy Hilbert, who wants out of Beantown. He's not going to light the world on fire, but he had a great year in the AHL last year (37-42--79 in 79 games, plus 7-14--21 in 17 playoff games). Maybe he's ready to make The Leap.

The New York Rangers signed Jed Ortmeyer to a new deal today. Good for him. I know the Wings offered him a contract originally, but he saw a chance to play sooner with the Rags. It's so nice to see him succeeding. He's still my favorite Wolverine.

MHNet on The Wolverine pointed out that AJ Jenks, one of the mini-mites committed to start playing for U of M in 2008, is rated the #1 player for the upcoming OHL draft by

Jenks follows in some big footsteps

Peter Mueller, Colton Gillies, Gilbert Brule, Adam Cogliano and Matt Corrente were all number one rated prospects for the OHL and WHL Bantam Draft's by Hockey Scouting in the past four years. You can now add AJ Jenks to that list of players. Jenks will be the number one ranked player for this years OHL Draft by later this week when our pre OHL Draft rankings are officially released. Jenks was thrilled when he was informed he was ranked so highly
Awww yeah!

Florida State and Miami played to one of the ugliest offensive displays in recent memory on Monday night. FSU won 10-7, with no points being scored in the season half. I can't decide which was the stat that best represents how bad this game was:
1) FSU's QB was 7 of 24 for 67 yards, 0 TDs and a pick (a sparkling 22.2 rating) and they won.
2) Both teams had first and goal at the opponent's 2 yard line and came away with 0 points.
3) Spanning 2 drives, Kyle Wright was sacked on 4 straight plays
4) At the 13:31 mark of the 4th quarter, both teams were out of timeouts.

What'dya think? They're all pretty impressive.

Those bastards at 2ksports didn't get NHL 2k6 out on time. It was supposed to come out yesterday, now they say it won't be in til tomorrow. I'm not the mood to nerd it up and make my college teams.

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