Monday, September 19, 2005

Michigan's Walking Wounded and an I Told You So to NASCAR

In Lloyd's press conference today, he stated that Ryan Mundy is likely out for the year, due to a shoulder injury that obviously didn't come from tackling someone. He then had this classic answer to a question about the rest of Michigan's walking wounded:
On Michigan's other injured: "I can't tell you. Until we practice … every week you've got a new game plan, different challenges. We've got to be prepared to go with people who have practiced. Whether or not any of those guys will practice, I can't tell you.

"What I can tell you is, I haven't had any reason to believe they will, or won't. What I'm saying is, they all want to play. They were all getting treatment yesterday [Sept.18]. They all were getting treatment this morning, this afternoon.

"I know this – every one of them will do everything he can do to be prepared to play. Now, Doug Dutch came down with a 103-degree temperature last Friday and was ruled out of the game. I expect Doug back."
What a roundabout way of saying absolutely nothing! I love Lloyd.

Also today, NASCAR announced their penalties for rough driving and using naughty words in yesterday's race. Robby Gordon got docked 50 points for trying to back his car into Michael Waltrip after a wreck and almost nailing Tony Stewart (which would've led to a fight, and it would've been awesome since Stewart would've gotten his ass kicked) then proceeding to throw his helmet at Waltrip's car. Oh, and he said a dirty word. Waltrip got docked 25 points for a naughty gesture. And Kasey Kahne got docked 25 points and put on probation for the rest of the season for drilling Kyle Busch after Busch wrecked him.

NASCAR dipshit President Mike Helton had this to offer:
“There have been a growing number of incidents lately where drivers have taken matters into their own hands. Such unsafe and inappropriate behavior has to stop,” said NASCAR President Mike Helton. NASCAR will use whatever means necessary to stop it.”
And Mike? Where did this all start? Oh yeah, at Bristol when you let Dale Jarrett "take matters into his own hands" and didn't do anything to him, even though he ruined Kevin Harvick's season in the process of getting revenge on Ryan Newman. He could've nipped it in the bud, by simply parking Jarrett for the rest of the race like I suggested (not here...because I never felt like writing about my favorite driver getting his season ended for no reason, but in a profanity-laced tirade to my father after the incident). Helton's an ass-clown. Whoops, I used a dirty word. I guess that's a 25 point fine in my NR2003 season. Crap.

The Red Wings open the exhibition season tonight against the kind-of-sort-of defending champion Tampa Bay Lightning. Do they still get to be the defending champs? Have they kept the Stanley Cup all this time? Inquiring minds want to know.

Not pictured in the MGoBlue photo gallery from the men's soccer game yesterday is a picture of the Kentucky coach absolutely spazzing after getting ejected, telling the official "I'm going to send the tape in and they'll see what a cheater you are!" to which the ref replied "The only thing that they'll see is that you are a lousy coach." High comedy. Also not pictured are the refs arriving late, and the UK coach getting carded for freaking out about it.

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