Sunday, September 11, 2005

Blog That Yost Built-Domus

First off, in my post yesterday about the football game, I can't believe I forgot to talk about the student section throwing stuff on the field. Twice. It was the first thing I wanted to mention and it just slipped my mind. It was embarassing to be in that crowd, watching the bottles fly out of the stands. Anyone who threw something should be absolutely ashamed of themselves, and I can't believe the officials didn't say anything more than "Game staff, please clean up the field." Yes we got jobbed with the review on Henne's fumble, since he probably scored on the play before. Yes it sucks that they overturned a fumble (but really....that ball came out so late, I didn't think for a second it was actually a fumble). That's still no excuse to chuck stuff on the field. Who are we, Colorado Avalanche fans? That was just embarassing. And to make things even better, all the debris was raining down on the recruits in that endzone. Good work.

So I predicted a Bryan Herta wreck and a Packers loss because that was the feel of the weekend. I got the Packers loss, and I might as well have been right about Herta. His team got him on a crappy fuel strategy for about the 6th time this season and he ended up 14th out of 23. Close enough.

I can't believe that Packers/Lions game. I've got a lot to say about that one (mainly about the officiating, since I don't think I've seen a more biased crew since the 1995 NFC Championship game) but as was the case yesterday, you only score 3 (or 10) points, you probably don't deserve to win.

I was actually pretty optimistic about the Packers, despite the loss, because the defense played a great game, given my expectations for them.

And then I heard about Javon Walker. Wow. What a great close to this shit weekend.

More tomorrow. I'm tired.

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