Thursday, October 02, 2008

Pre-Season Awards and Whatnot

Michigan was voted #1 by the media and #2 by the coaches (to Notre Dame) in the CCHA preseason poll. I'm curious who the coach was that voted Miami #1, because I'd like to know what he knows that I don't (apart from the game of hockey). The coaches also snuck NMU into the top four at the expense of Michigan State (#5).

Mark Mitera and Aaron Palushaj were named to the Preseason All-CCHA first team. Palushaj actually received the 3rd highest total of votes. Billy Sauer made the second team in net.

The TV schedule was also released. For those of you without Comcast, November 28th will be the first time you get to see the Wolverines in action on your TV. The Big 10 Network has two games, FSN has 8, and CBS College Sports will be showing three games, down from approximately 90 last year. Eight games (including Saturday's tilt with the NTDP) will be shown on Comcast 900, which I'm pretty sure is the kind-of-sort-of replacement for Comcast Local that you can only get on the digital tier (or for me, the Slingbox!).

I'd also point out that, as was the case last year, every home game that isn't shown on TV will be aired on I'd imagine that we can also get some of the games pay-per-view on the B2Network. Also, I have to believe the BU game will be aired on CN8 (live on the web) like it was last year when we played them. So even though the number of games aired on TV seems down (especially in the first half of the season), we should have access to plenty of games.

It sounds as if Max Pacioretty is making it tough for the Canadiens to not keep him on the roster. He was the #1 star in their exhibition game against the Red Wings with their lone goal in regulation and a goal in the shootout.

Chad Kolarik got sent to the AHL and he misses his bff Kevin. Just a hunch, but I bet he'll see the NHL at some point this year.

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