Saturday, October 18, 2008

NMU 2, Michigan 0

Just one of those nights. I had to miss a good portion of the game, so didn't PPV that one (though I'm getting tonight's game). From the sounds of it, we just couldn't get anything going offensively, couldn't get any bounces. NMU did a nice job defensively, only allowing 15 Michigan shots.

On the bright side, it sounded as if Michigan did a great job on the defensive end. The second NMU goal was an empty-netter and the Wildcats only had 21 shots on goal themselves. With the adversity they're facing, I'll take giving up one goal anyday. It sounded like Langlais, Summers, and Llewellyn all had great plays to break up odd-man rushes and I didn't hear Pateryn or Elmblad's names very often, so they either didn't play very much or they didn't do anything wrong.

Offensively it sounded like they just couldn't get a break. Miller missed (another) empty net. We hit a goal post or two. Late in the game, the Wolverines appeared to have scored the tying goal but it got waived off.

Matt Rust seemed to think that it should have counted:
"The puck went to [Chad] Langlais, Langlais took the shot. The shot deflected off of me, hit the goalie and the puck dropped in front of [Travis] Turnbull. He put it in. The referee's explanation was that he blew the whistle down. The video -- he doesn't have a clear view when the puck went in. I'm not going to debate a goal."

Just more bad luck and more evidence against the CCHA LOVES MICHIGAN conspiracy theorists.

Rust being 2 of 14 on faceoffs was kind of indicative of how the game went. It was about halfway through the second period when I started to feel like it just wasn't going to be our night. I even tried the old "SHUTOUT! Nice SHUTOUT Stewart! I hope you don't lose your SHUTOUT!" jinx, to no avail.

One big reason for the success of the NMU defense is that they were able to block 20 Michigan shots. That's always frustrating for an offense. Hopefully we can capitalize a little more on our chances tonight and get some pucks to the net.

Also, the power play is anemic. 0 for 8 last night, 1 for 27 on the season. Gotta get that fixed.

MHNet was at the game and had some thoughts on the performance. I, too, would like to see Sauer get the start tonight. It sounded like he played well last night and Hogan wasn't anything special last week. I know you need to get Hogan some time, but I still think Sauer is going to be this team ends up leaning on down the stretch. I'd prefer to see him in net tonight.

BTW, is it fair to call Nick Sheridan the anti-Darko? He's like the Human Defeat Cigar.

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