Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Moffie to go with our Moffatt

On top of things as always, Bob Miller from the Yost Post has reported that Avon Old Farms defenseman Lee Moffie has committed to the Wolverines. According to the Avon Old Farms roster, Moffie is a junior right now, so that would put him in the entering Class of 2009.

Avon Old Farms is kind of gross. They stand at 22-1-0 on the season with their lone loss coming against Matt Herr's Kent squad in the championship game of the Christmas Holiday Classic. There are two games left in their regular season before they attempt to defend their Founder's League title.

Moffie has posted a 7-24--31 line in 23 games back on the blueline.

In August, McKeen's wrote the following about him:
08/06/2007 - Big and strong defenseman with intriguing raw ability .. awkward but powerful skater who needs to refine his foot work .. owns a pretty good top gear .. has a lot of talent but he doesn't think the game well.

Last week, they also profiled some of the Avon players, including Moffie, and were pretty complimentary.
Continues to have a strong offensive season and as of 1/30/07, Moffie totals were 6–19–25 in 19 games .. logs a lot of icetime .. his best asset has been his skating, as he is a fluid skater with a nice stride .. has the ability to skate the puck and really move up ice for a quick transition into the offensive zone .. has a good shot from the point and it is accurate .. the lone issue with his game is in the defensive zone .. would like to see him be more physical, although a mean streak does come out once in awhile .. also on 1-on-1 situations, would like to see him play the body more, along with a little more urgency in the defensive zone

They list him at 6'1", 200 lbs.

I don't subscribe to The Scouting News, but they have an article titled "14 Reasons Why We Love Lee Moffie's Game" so I think it's safe to assume they're fans as well.

It appears based on comments here and there that UNH was after Moffie as well. He sounds like a player with a lot of potential. With Burlon, Pateryn, Moffie, Bennett and Merrill committed, along with three freshman defenders on the team, the future of the Wolverine defense corps is coming into shape. And it looks pretty damn good.

Moffie joins Chris Brown, Kevin Lynch, AJ Treais, and perhaps Greg Pateryn as a member of the 2009 class.


Tim said...

He is probably boyz with Mike Cox.

Anonymous said...

Do these classed tend to keep getting better, or will CHL attrition wipe out any new commits we get before the class enrolls?

Packer487 said...

It just depends. Sometimes we'll lose a guy or two (Trevor Lewis and AJ Jenks come to mind) and sometimes we get everybody that verbals.

Moffatt is probably going to have WHL rumors about him until the day he enrolls.

Part of the cost of going after the top talent I guess. As it stands right now, that class is stellar. And there's still room for more!

Anonymous said...

doesn't sound like there's room for any more top defensemen in 2010 at Yost. If you can bring it, you're not going to be satisfied shifting behind Moffie and Merrill. Committing early to Moffie might have been a bad move, steering away other players watching the situation.