Friday, February 01, 2008

Kevin Quick No Longer a Wolverine

No details yet, but Mike Spath just dropped the bombshell from Yost that Kevin Quick is no longer a member of the Wolverines due to a violation of team rules. If any more details are made available--it wouldn't shock me if Red won't disclose what happened--I'm sure The Wolverine, The Daily, or the Ann Arbor News will have them for us.

This is a big blow to the team. Quick had a rough weekend against MSU but he had been solid most of the year and was clearly a talented player who had a bright future. We now also have a problem with depth. We're ok right now, but if anyone gets hurt, we could be in a bit of a pickle.

I guess this answers the question of where Brandon Burlon's scholarship money will come from and maybe too if Greg Pateryn will in fact show up in 2008.

This development also pretty much kills the chances that we'll see Chris Summers at forward again before the end of the season.

Quick's Michigan career ends with 2 goals and 2 assists in 21 games. He was +8 and had 12 PIMs.


Anonymous said...


It is being suggested that Quick did something he'll have to be defended for in court.

No other details, and no verification if this is true. Came from a well placed sourced on premium memebership.

falcons30 said...

Tim: show Kevin added to the Des Moines Buccaneers (USHL) roster today.

Anonymous said...

What kind of world have we come to when a disgraced player like Kevin Quick is immediately picked up by a USHL team? Some of these young players are being destroyed by the whole process in junior/college hockey. They have no future except as pampered dancing bears; they lack discipline but are rewarded for their failures of judgment. And we buy more tickets because they can skate.