Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Media Roundup: MSU Series 2

It was interesting, given the way that the rivalry typically goes, that both of these games ended up with a three goal spread. MSU got the first one, Michigan the second. It was enough to eliminate the Spartans from contention in the CCHA. Time to check out what people had to say about these contests.

The Michigan Side:
Official game stories, quotes, and highlights from Friday and Saturday. Palushaj and Pacioretty are the first freshman duo at Michigan to score 30 points apiece since Kosick and Langfeld. What happened that year? Hmmmm....

The Daily live blogs Friday and Saturday night.

Game stories from The Daily as well.

No features from them this week due to Spring Break.

Kind of ridiculous that Red has been our coach for 40% of the games in Michigan's history.

Ann Arbor News articles from Friday and Saturday night. Red was going to kill them if they didn't win Saturday. Message received.

Article from the Freep on Saturday's game. BLUE WALL! Friday's article was shorter! Some good quotes from Red in Saturday's.

The Grand Rapids Press had an article about Kolarik being on the bench. Sounds like the players really like having him there. Have we ever done that with an injured player before?

The MSU Viewpoint:
Spartan fan in a nutshell. I'm surprised they didn't just come out and say that they'd rather see Michigan lose than have MSU win.

Lansing State Journal's take on Friday and Saturday. Lots of comments on the Munn crowd from Friday. I really wonder why it can't be like that more often. Red was upset that the team wasn't humiliated to walk out of Munn having lost by 3. I'm with ya Coach.

State News stuff from Friday and Saturday. Some really classy quotes from Comley this time.

Other Stuff:
Good article on 2009 recruit Chris Brown. He's gonna be a good one. He's already big. Sounds like a good kid too. I always get a kick out of guys who became interested in Michigan because of their helmets. You never know what will make an impression on someone when they're little. Hell, I'm a Packers fan because when I was like 5 my zone soccer team was called the Packers.

MHNet points out that since Michigan is on Spring Break, WOLV-TV will not be covering the Michigan/FSU game this weekend. Bummer. I believe Saturday's game is on the B2Network. If it matters in the standings I'll probably buy that one. He also dug up a nice (well, kind of) quote about Czarnik from Red Line.

Not the best news on Kolarik from Saturday's game. They need to send him to Arnie Kander or something.

Given that the WCHA has the ten best teams in the country and the successful CCHA teams are just benefiting from an easy schedule, it's kind of amazing that our 8th place, below-.500-in-the-CCHA team (UNO) just finished a season sweep of the .500-in-the-WCHA, T-5th MSU-Mankato.

Also, how bout BU? I suspected that they'd be much better than their early-season record, and they've risen up to .500 overall, second place in Hockey East, and T-16 in the PWR.


Anonymous said...

Reading through all these articles, I am consistently amazed at how inaccurate the descriptions are of the goals Sauer gives up. Every Michigan goal is a beauty of a play that Lerg has no chance on, while every goal Sauer lets in is somehow his fault, or at least described (usually incorrectly) so that it sounds like he did something wrong. Only one article mentioned the piss poor d-zone coverage by Michigan on Friday. Sauer gave up 2 bad goals, and they lost by 3. Tough night, for sure. But when your team leaves guys wide open all around you, you get a little nervous. Only one article even mentioned that he stopped a breakaway in the 1st period Friday, and that was in an MSU paper.

Then Saturay, a guy skates in and cranks one off his chin and that gets labeled "bad rebound off his glove" in one article and off his chest in another. The 4th goal on Friday night was a hard wrister from the face off dot off his blocker, not a mishandled "long shot" off his chest. The media is brutal on this kid.

They should be ashamed of themselves, really, because if your going to hang somebody, at least have your facts straight. Too bad nobody takes them to task for inaccurately reporting on the games.

Anonymous said...

We do. Pitts sometimes confuses his opinions with the truth. We have learned to ignore his rants and inaccuracies, even if it means defending the team to opposing fans because of it.

Overall, Sauer's play has dropped in the last six weeks, but not enough to warrant the sloppy reporting in the AA News.