Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Media Roundup: LSSU Sweep #2

Michigan won two games but lost their second best player with Chad Kolarik going out for at least a month. Time to take a look and see what the media is saying:

The Michigan View:
Official game stories and highlights from Friday and Saturday. We're 10-1-1 as the #1 ranked team in the country. That's much improved over previous efforts. Read Kolarik's quotes from Friday night. What a great kid. Red was asked Saturday about Miami being swept by Ferris. His response was much classier than, "Should we have a moment of silence?"

Great article about the Michigan coaching staff.

Ann Arbor News game stories from Friday and Saturday. Interesting that Kolarik said a bunch of people fell during the warmup Friday night. There were a bunch of people falling in that end during the game too. I wonder if there was an issue with the ice. It would make sense.

Crowds at Yost have been huge as of late, even for the lower-ranked opponents. Nice to see. Only four of our home games this year have played to a below-capacity crowd. Antoine also makes mention of the "Free spear" Dan Eves was allowed to give. Not sure how you let that happen. He should've gotten a DQ if it was severe enough to warrant calling 5 and a game after the game was over.

Article on Kolarik's hamstring injury. From this article, it seems that 4-5 weeks is the far end of the spectrum for amount of time they expect Chad to miss. That would be really huge if he was back in time for the Joe, if we make it. It'd be nice for him to be able to lace them up for one more game at Yost though. No sense in rushing it, but it'd be sad for him to not be able to play there one last time. No one wants to be helped off during their last game there.

Hogan >>>>> Jakiel. Also, note the weird start times for this weekend's games. 8:00 Friday, 7:00 Saturday. The players also got a visit from Gordie Howe. It looks like Turnbull gets first crack at filling Kolarik's spot. Well earned. He's been stellar this year.

Quick was arraigned on identity theft charges amongst other things. He used the card to pay down his own card and to pay a traffic ticket. I'm not commenting on this situation again but you can probably figure out what word I'm thinking of at the moment.

Daily Liveblogs for Friday and Saturday.

Daily game story from Friday and Saturday.

Palushaj wins CCHA Rookie of the Week.

Kolarik's injury leaves a hole on the ice. Even in practice. Even though he can hardly put on his socks right now, he hasn't lost hope of being able to play on Senior Night. Just don't push it Chad. We need you healthy to take a run at the big prize.

Four points in the last four games wins the CCHA title. Don't take it for granted.

Red has been impressed with the way Caporusso has come back from his injury. And a classy quote from Jim Roque about Kolarik's injury.

Mgoblog updates us on the PWR again. Long story short, root against CC and NoDak. Don't get swept by Sparty. We're in great shape to get one of the coveted top 2 seeds.

Also, root against Wisconsin since I want us to be in Madison, but I don't want the Badgers there. Not a far drive for M fans, Saturday/Sunday regional, and lots of really cheap tickets if Wiscy misses the tournament. Plus Madison is a cool city. Lots of fun bars to go to celebrate/drown sorrows at after the games. The fun thing is that since we've played Minnesota twice and Wiscy once, rooting against Wisconsin this weekend helps us too! Even if it means we have to root for Minnesota. It'd be really fun to see those bastards finish ninth in the WCHA. I guess either way we win this weekend!

The LSSU Side:
Official game stories from Friday and Saturday. Game story from the Soo Evening News. Nothing overly interesting in any of those articles. No coverage from the LSSU student paper.


Anonymous said...

I don't get the chance to watch nearly enough games to comment, but from what I've seen,I'd call Sauer our second best player this year.

Packer487 said...

I certainly wouldn't argue with you if you felt that was the case. Kolarik and Sauer are probably 2a and 2b behind Porter. You could make a strong case for either of them.