Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Luke Moffatt, Play Nice!

When I posted the link to the highlights of Jared Knight a couple weeks ago, Luke Moffatt was absent from the video. He was out of town and not playing that day, but he's back now and there's no missing him in this highlight package. He's #9, but it doesn't really matter because you just have to look for the guy in the brown jersey putting the puck in the net. The goal right around the 3 minute mark of the video is just disgusting.

Compuware tied this game against Little Caesars 5-5, but Moffatt had all five tallies. Also, Knight (#12) assisted on 3 of the goals, giving him 7 points in 2 games since he returned from injury. #23 for Little Caesars is Rocco Grimaldi, who is on the Michigan Recruiting HotBoard as a potential recruit.

For the highlights, head to the A-Train Hockey Vlog.


Anonymous said...

Not a bad hit by hotboard listee, Austin Levi #7, either. he looks huge

Anonymous said...

sure he is huge..but he is not very talented and he calls himself the "A-train"..two factors why michigan should not show any interest in this train man.

Alex said...

Not very talented? Let's see where he's drafted in June. I don't care what he calls himself or anyone else calls him, he is definitely talented, big, mean and effective. If Michigan passed on him it was a big mistake, especially with all the others who decommitted. Now that he's gone the CHL route, it's a moot point, but at least from a hockey development standpoint, you can't argue with success.