Friday, December 09, 2005

The Unluckiest Team....Ever?

Very interesting article on yesterday. Hidden beneath their power rankings was an article that said that the 2005 Green Bay Packers may be the unluckiest team in NFL history. How do they figure out luck? Basically there's a strong correlation between scoring points, giving up less points, and winning. So someone smarter than me developed a formula that projects a winning percentage based on how many points you've scored vs. given up. Under that formula, the Packers should have a .493 winning percentage, instead of their current .167 percentage. You subtract those two numbers to find the degree of luck. Green Bay is at a -.326, which is the highest number a team has ever had. The current unluckiest team ever is the 1950 Phily Eagles at a -.301.

They also compensated for the Packers 49 point win by removing each team's biggest win and re-running the numbers. They found that under that scenario, the Packers would be the third unluckiest team ever.

Fun stats: If Favre throws for 9 yards this week against the Lions, he will reach 3,000 yards for the 15th time, breaking Dan Marino's record. He also needs one TD to extend his record streak of years with 20 or more TD passes to 12.

The Free Press had an article about Jack Johnson and Sidney Crosby. Jack will be in attendance on Monday night when the Wings take on the Pens.

"I spent the previous week up in Nova Scotia with him playing hockey, so I had to bring my hockey gear to the hotel," Johnson said. "I went to air it out and he had all his shoes on my side, and he had like 10 pairs of shoes.

"He said, 'You can't air that out, the room will stink.' I said, 'Well, move your shoes.' Things started to escalate, so I moved my hockey gear into the closet with the suit he was going to wear to the draft -- just to make him mad. He shoved me out of the way and things escalated. Turned into a pretty big wrestling match."

How sick must that Shattuck team have been? Geezus.

The Wings got one back against NJ the other night and after giving up 2 terrible goals and nearly giving up a goal from the opposing goal line, apparently Osgood's confidence is "growing"...I guess when you've given up a dozen in your last two starts, that's a plus. He sucks.

Ex-Wings prospect BJ Young was killed in a car crash in Vancouver. Don't know what it is about this team and car wrecks. Sad stuff there.

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