Friday, December 23, 2005

T-Lew to the Blue

Good stuff on The Wolverine board today. Trevor Lewis, a forward for the Des Moines Buccaneers committed to Michigan over BC and OSU amongst others. He's 6'1" 200, adding to the size-movement in Ann Arbor. They'll have some more stuff after the weekend, but the best part of the thread was when a BC fan asked about how Jack Johnson was progressing. Bob Miller's response:

Johnson was SO good in his first few games that expectations got a little out of hand. He's displayed some typical freshman mistakes, but they're almost always mistakes of commission rather than omission. He's a game-breaker waiting to happen each time he's on the ice. The occasional defensive lapse or overzealous physical play is far outweighted by his strong presence.

Very, very strong chance that he'll be a two-year player, a least. Things have started pointing in that direction over the last month or so. Apparently, Johnson is absolutely loving the college experience and is not all that anxious to give up the opportunity to enjoy his years in Ann Arbor. Also, his father is REALLY enjoying having Jack play at Michigan. Never underestimate the influence a parent can have in pushing a kid to grab the bucks early. I think Jack will receive parental encouragement to "scratch" the "college itch" for as long as he desires.

Even Hunwick, who most thought was a goner next year, may be sticking around next year. Hensick is simply way too hard to read at this point.

Yee! Ha! I had heard all along that he wanted to stay four, and that people would be surprised at what the family would encourage him to do and whatnot, but we heard the 4 year thing out of Komo too. Personally, I'm thrilled we're very possibly getting 2 years out of Jack Johnson. That kid is so fun to watch.

Canada's world junior team knocked off Russia 8-1 (!!!) last night in exhibition play. Cogliano had a goal and 2 assists.

On the other end of the fun spectrum, Rasheed Wallace's cousin was killed in a shootout with cops after an undercover cop bought drugs from him and then identified himself as a policeman.

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