Tuesday, December 06, 2005

No Olympics for Yzerman

According to TSN, Steve Yzerman has pulled his name out of consideration for the Canadian Olympic Team. Stevie Y. Class all the way. He's not having the type of season that would warrant mention on the Canadian team, so he pulled his name out even though he would've likely been named otherwise. That's the right move. It opens the door for another player to get a chance, plus he can use the time off to rest up for the playoffs.

Javon Walker has cut ties with Drew Rosenhaus. Good news for Packers fan as I think this increases the chances that they'll extend his contract. I'm firmly on board with extending him despite his injury. If he's willing to take a 2nd tier contract (not Owens or Harrison money) in exchange for not having to go out and prove he's healed (while at the same time not risking further injury) I'd extend him in a second. I think he'll come back just fine, and he's the type of player that you can't lose. If they're going to be breaking in a new QB in the near future, they need to give him some weapons. They've got a ton of cap room for next year. Get it done now.

And I feel like I was missing out by not playing the Miami Hurricanes rap song until now. It's been sitting on my desktop since the story broke, but I didn't play it until yesterday. "This song in its entirety is not meant to disrespect any women in its entirety." Priceless. The lyric about what happens when you multiply the digits in Tavares Gooden's jersey number together? Wow. I've been humming the damn chorus all day. I woke up this morning singing "If your ho only know....." Things like this are why I love the internet so much. And I have the maturity of a six year old.

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