Monday, December 12, 2005

Quick Thoughts on the Wings/Pens

This game is showing what a joke the Pittsburgh organization is. They haven't been playing Fleury all this time so they wouldn't have to shell out bonus money? That team would be solidly in the playoffs right now (granted it's still real early) if he had been up with them all along. That kid is just phenomenal. 28 saves already and this game could easily be about 6-0.

Or maybe about 6-4. Osgood has played really well tonight. Even though he's only made about 8 saves late in the second, probably 4 of them have been really nice stops. See, I can give him credit when it's actually due. Of course, having said that he'll probably give up 2 awful goals in the 3rd.

Zetterberg is a pleasure to watch. That shortie was beautiful. What a move! I can't wait until the Wings finally get into a shootout because it's going to be fun to see what he and Datsyuk come up with.

Crosby's been pretty quiet tonight.

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