Monday, December 12, 2005

Can't Root Against 'Em

Thoughts from Michigan's blowout win over UNO Saturday night:

First off, didn't need that DQ for Rohlfs. Geezus. Terrible call too IMO. Didn't see Rohlfs throw a punch (Parse did--and he started that whole fight--and he wasn't the UNO player that got tossed) Those guys should've gotten roughing calls and 10 minute misconducts and that would've been the end of it. Then again, he tossed those guys and still lost control of the game. Gotta think Red's not happy about that call. Him and Pio were having a chat after the game by our bench.

We have 3 D for the CC game now...Hunwick, Dest and Cook? Yikes. Apparently Fardig never played defense for USA--could've sworn he did. But yeah. We're gonna get smoked by CC. I believe all of those walkons that we brought in are going to dress for the CC game.

That Ebbett, Kal, Bailey line is awesome. Those guys had a killer weekend. Definitely Bailey's best by far. I love the grit there. They're all tenacious, they all can play in their own end, and they showed they can all put the puck in the net.

Cogliano's shortie was just sick. That was Fedorovesque right there.

I was happy to see MacVoy get in there, but he didn't really do anything that stood out. He'll get a chance in the GLI though. I still think he can be a nice player if they give him a chance.

Linesmen awful again. Pio joined them in the third period though.

Couldn't fault Sauer on either goal. Parse's was essentially a breakaway and Thomas's was a giveaway by Johnson when he was in cold. We hang that kid out to dry way too much. He made a couple of huge saves--as did Ruden when he came in.

Good effort Saturday night. They started off poorly giving up those two goals that shouldn't have happened, but overall played a pretty darn good game. If it weren't for Rohlfs getting tossed (did I mention that was a crappy call??) I'd be feeling pretty darn good right now. Now I'm thinking about a 4-5 goal loss to CC. Ugh. If you're in a fantasy college hockey league, take all the Tigers you can get.

What we should do for the GLI: They have to at least consider moving someone like Ebbett or Fardig back to defense. I actually just typed Kevin Porter's name, but whoops! World Juniors. I can't see them going in with 3 walkons and a Tim Cook back there. And if they put 2 of the competent dmen together (I guess that'd be Hunwick and Dest) to defend Sertich and Sterling, the other 2 defense pairings will be god-awful. Hunwick and Dest better be ready because each of them is going to be playing close to 30 against CC. Apart from that, all I can say is make sure Huddy is out there vs. their big line and tell the walkons to just throw it off the glass out of the zone whenever they can. Then pray the goalie (be it Sauer or Ruden) has the game of his life and the forwards can chip in with 3 or 4 goals. Lord.

The Packers pulled one out in OT against the Lions last night, proving that even in their worst season since Favre's been around, they can still beat the Lions in Wisconsin. Yes the Lions got screwed on that non-safety call (though the call of it not being intentional grounding was correct). But at the same time, the Lions had what? 4 possessions inside GB's 5 yard line and came away with 13 points? That's not gonna get it done. Jauron could've put the game-winning points on the board and he didn't do it. And I'm not convinced that Roy Williams actually caught the ball on that touchdown. I can see there not being enough video evidence to overturn it, but from the low angle it sure did look like he bobbled that ball when he was going out of bounds (after it hit him in the facemask).

I'm still not convinced that Samkon Gado is a #1 running back in the NFL, but that kid can play in this league. He's improved a ton since he's been there. His vision last night was excellent and even after seeing him play a few times, I wasn't expecting the burst that he was showing. His long TD run was outstanding, and that carry he had on 4th and 1 when he cut outside when there was nothing up the middle was just a great run. He's still a little tentative and he fumbles too much (he coughed another one up last night even though the whistle blew), but I imagine he'll improve the more carries he gets. 600 all purpose yards and 7 TDs ain't shabby for a guy with only 4 starts (essentially 5) under his belt. He's a solid #2 if nothing else, and if he keeps improving, that kid could be a starter. He's fast, he seems to have good vision, and he's a load to bring down.

The win was dampened by the fact that Brady Poppinga, the rookie LB that seems/seemed to have a bright future blew out his knee and probably won't be playing again until well into next season. But the win puts GB in prime AJ Hawk territory, to fulfill their white linebacker needs.

Robert Ferguson is nuts. Check out this doozy:
"I'm definitely one of the top 10 receivers in the league. You know me, I've been saying that since Day One," he said. "But I'm not. Nowhere near that. If you're going off production, I'm probably in the bottom echelon of wideouts right now." I'm definitely one of the top ten, but I'm not. Neil Smith would be proud that he "always says what he has to mean."

And the Packers defense is still ranked #1 against the pass, and has risen to #5 overall in the league, just 16 yards behind the Chicago Bears for the top ranking. And the 3-10 Packers have now scored the same number of points as they've given up.

The Houston Texans keep finding ways to lose that previously only the Lions could come up with. After blowing a 10 point lead in 30 seconds to St. Louis and letting Kyle Boller go the length of the field against them in 1 minute last week, this one may have topped the charts. Tied 10-10, they fake a field goal, make it. Then drive to the 19 yard line where a go-ahead field goal is blocked. They let the Titans march down the field and kick a field goal with 10 seconds left. Then, they run the kickoff back about 50 yards, tack on a personal foul facemask. They're on Tennessee's 13 yard line with time for one play......and their kicker shanks a 31 yarder. Give the New York Jets and the Packers credit. At least their took their wins like men yesterday.

And what would the reaction be if Lloyd Carr ever pulled what Norv Turner did yesterday. Down by 16, they score a touchdown with about 8 minutes left....and he kicked the PAT leaving it a 2 score game. Yikes.

Quick hits: Jiri Fischer is happy to be alive. Ron Artest wants to be traded--maybe for Peja?, and Stan Van Jeremy stepped down and Pat Riley will be taking over, in the least shocking story in the NBA this year. Chauncey Billups is LenDale White's cousin.


Anonymous said...

Are you sure the Texans last field goal try wasn't a purposeful miss?

Packer487 said...

Not at all. It doesn't matter much to me now since GB beat Detroit and it'd take a minor miracle to get the #1 pick, but I swear to God Houston is throwing games...