Saturday, August 13, 2005

A Domino Falls

Yesterday was a good day for Michigan fans as Deshawn Sims,'s 39th rated 2006 basketball recruit, committed to the Wolverines. The article about the commitment gave Wolverines fans even more reason to smile.
"I stepped up. I know a lot of guys around here are waiting to make a decision but I finally decided on what I want to do so maybe it makes other guys thinking about committing commit to. I know some people were waiting on me and there are some guys in this class that I'd like to play with."

Especially 7-footer Tom Herzog.

"His dad told me that whenever I committed, than Tom would come to Michigan, too," Sims said.
Add that to Tory Jackson hopefully making up his mind between school on his list and K'Len Morris, who is already in the fold, and U of M could be nailing down a great class for 2006. Soon, the days of "Wait til basketball season" being a retort for Sparties after their annual football beat-down will be over. Good times.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch columnist Bill McClellan wrote his hilariously funny take on the NCAA's banning of Native American mascots and its effects on the University of Bunch, which is his new name for the University of Illinois. Read it, trust me.

In the same vein, SkunkBear from The Wolverine found an open letter from the President of the University of North Dakota to the NCAA, which hits things pretty dead-on. Obviously North Dakota has more than a passing interest in the NCAA ruling, as one of the teams that was singled out. President Kupchella defends his school very well, IMO.

I don't speak Norweigan (at least I think Norweigan is the language I don't speak that's relevant to this), but apparently the gist of this article is that Anders Myrvold, who I hoped would come back as a depth defenseman for the Red Wings, was busted on cocaine charges. Ken Holland wouldn't wake up from his month-long nap to comment.

Joey "Princess" Harrington (apparently that really is his nickname within the team), was 9-9 last night for 100 yards. He looked pretty good, and Charles Rogers didn't break his collarbone so that's a plus as well for the Lions. As for the Bears, Rex Grossman broke his ankle and is out 3-4 months. That leaves the quarterbacking to Chad Hutchinson or Heisman-Winner Kyle Orton. So much for improving this year. Then again, when you pin your hopes for the season on a guy who has completed 54% of his passes with 3 TDs and 4 INTs in his career, maybe you weren't going to fare too well to start with. Personally, I hope they go with Orton. Get that number of starting QBs since Favre made his first start as a Packer to an even 20.
One more comment on Grossman...they list him at 6'1", but we saw him at a Pistons/Pacers playoff game in 2004 down in Indy, and I swear to God he's closer to 5'9" or 5'10".

Jason Ryznar signed a contract with the New Jersey Devils yesterday. Good for Ryz. I really hope he manages to stay healthy and have a good career. He'll do just fine if he can keep away from the injury bug and not ice-down the wrong ankle when one is hurting (yes this happened).

And a big blow to the Bowling Green Falcons--and in turn the CCHA. Jonathan Sigalet has bolted to join his brother Jordan in the Boston Bruins organization, according to Inside College Hockey, citing the Bowling Green Sentinel-Tribune. In that same article on INCH, it says that Joe Exter--the Merrimack goalie who was nearly killed in an on-ice collision with Pat Eaves--has signed on to be an assistant coach at American International. Also, Brady Greco--a defenseman from CC who I don't remember at all--signed with Tampa Bay and is passing up his senior season.

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