Monday, August 15, 2005

The Gophers Cheat

This explains things a little bit....

According to the invoices received by the university, 62 containers of Sci-Fit Extreme Mass at a cost of $2,480 (plus $157.50 shipping and handling) in July 2004. NCAA rules state that a school cannot dispense supplements that have a protein content of more than 30 percent of the product's calories. Extreme Mass advertises a whey protein content of "an astounding 33 percent," and bills itself as "The Ultimate Protein Enhanced Weight Gain Formula."

University officials claim the invoice was wrong. Dietz said the order was placed for a different Sci-Fit product called Be Large, which meets NCAA guidelines. He said the school inadvertently was shipped 12 containers of Extreme Mass and 50 containers of Be Large. But the invoices are for 62 containers of Extreme Mass at a cost of $40 each. Dietz said that once the Extreme Mass arrived, the protein content was miscalculated and then distributed to men's basketball and men's hockey players.

Jimmy says "I w-w-w-want to play for T-T-The U!

Cheatin' little bastards! They probably store extra supplements in their external cheek pouches too!

And yes, I'm joking.

Eklund says the Wings have signed Andy Delmore. The joke is that he should spell his name "Elmore" because there's no D, but he has had a couple good seasons and the book on him is that he's a PP specialist with one of the best shots in the league. Our power play would be pretty darn good with Lidstrom, Schneider, Delmore, and Fischer/Kronwall back on the point. As long as he came very cheap, I don't think it's a bad idea to add another dman who can move the puck.

Green Bay linebacker Kurt Campbell tore his ACL and is done for the season. This increases the chances that the Grown-Ass Man, Dawg will make the final roster.

Avs fans are apparently pissed that they signed Brad May. My Avs-fan friend certainly was. That has to be the most curious signing in the NHL this year. Short of Anaheim (Brian Burke) or Vancouver signing Steve Moore, that'll be #1 for sure.

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