Thursday, August 04, 2005

Red Thinks Jack Will Be Back

More good news on the Jack Johnson front, as today Mike Spath asked Red Berenson about him and posted to Rivals:
Johnson will be playing hockey next year at Michigan. Red is positive of that.
Pretty straightforward there.

In addition, MGoBlog points out that Brett from Go Blue Wolverine put up an article with quotes from the horse's mouth, saying he'll be at Michigan.

The Blog That Yost Built still reminds you that Comrie and Cammi both said they'd be back before going to the pros, and Komo said he was staying 4 years and he left after 2. But my Jack Johnson Panic-O-Meter is back down to Defcon 4.

The Red Wings resigned Chris Chelios, Mathieu Schneider and Steve Yzerman in the last couple of days (as of 6:45 pm the Chelios/Schneider link only talks about Schneider, but the link on TSN's front page says Chelios signed as well). Good moves all around, especially when Ken Holland said Chelios is signed for under a million, and Stevie Y only took $1.25 million. Schneider was our best defenseman in 2003-04 (including Nick Lidstrom) and it's great to see him back in the fold. Dandenault left and I can't blame him. The Wings weren't going to put out the kind of coin he got from Montreal.

I'd still like to see the Wings sign Ziggy Palffy. He's been injured a lot the last few years, but when he's healthy, he's a point-a-game player. They probably wouldn't have to break the bank to sign him either.

I'm still laughing that not only did the Avs not get Naslund, they lost Forsberg and Foote. Bitches.

And in a page out of Ron Wolf's book (before the NFL put a stop to it), the Flyers traded Jeremy "It's not so much me as it is" Roenick to LA along with a third-round pick for future considerations since they went over the cap when they signed Forsberg. Bob Clarke has loaded up on boom-or-bust guys the last few days, getting Hatcher and Forsberg.

According to JWI19 on Red Wings Central, Ken Holland said on WXYT earlier that they're talking to 2-3 other goalies, not just Chris Osgood. I still think Nogood is going to be back in the Winged-Wheel, but it's nice to hear that they're exploring other options. He also said that the Wings may go after some restricted free agents. Hint hint.

And the NFL Network officially rules. Not only are they showing every NFL preseason game that's not on national TV, they're showing the Packers/Bills scrimmage tomorrow night. Oh yes.


Brian said...

Is 1 or 5 the highest?

PS: fantasy football?

Packer487 said...

1 means World War 3, and 5 means peacetime. I learned that from Wargames! And yes, I had to look it up to make sure, before I made that comment in my entry.
Thanks for the invite for FF. I'm totally in!