Thursday, August 11, 2005

Football's Back!

Random note: I believe Billy Sauer is going to wear #36 for the Wolverines.

I avoided all the preseason games of the last week so that tonight's Packers/Chargers game would by my first football experience for the season. Impressions:

-Favre looked great! On the money with pretty much everything he threw.

-It took 3 plays for me to be pissed off at the officiating. Packers force a fumble, run it back for a TD, and they rule the guy never caught the ball when he had it for 3 steps. I wish there was a good way to challenge plays like that, but if they blow it dead, there's really nothing that can be done.

-BJ Sander was as good as a punter can be tonight. Hopefully that will shut a bunch of people up. I'm sick of hearing about what an idiot Sherman was for picking him. Nailed a punt inside the two, put one 45 yards or so with enough hangtime that Sproles got killed when he caught it, hit another one really well when GB was backed up, mishit one that still rolled 20 yards when it hit the ground, and gave Longwell a great hold on the GW Field Goal.

-Nate Kaeding? Wow. Bad kicker. I know he had a great year last year for a rookie, but holy crap. Marty was about ready to kill him after he missed the 2nd one, let alone the third. Then Longwell nails one from 53 to win it. Good thing the Chargers are in SoCal.

-A bunch of players that won't make the Packers are really bad. And Ahmad Carroll still holds a lot. Roy Manning popped someone. He's a grown-ass man, dawg.

-Aaron Rodgers? Rough debut. JT O'Sullivan lobbed about every pass he threw. They looked like bad punts. Not sure why they were so high on that kid. He looked terrible.

-Must improve: Making sure the WRs run their routes past the sticks, especially on third down. Running backs...hold on to the damn ball! I think Poop was the only one that didn't fumble tonight.

-Terrell Owens is a moron. I don't know how he said some of the stuff he said with a straight face. You could just tell every time he opened his mouth that Rosenhaus was hoping he wasn't going to say something completely retarded. "Andy Reid told me to shut up. So I told him to shut up. I'm a grown man."

Or a five year old.

"He disrespected me so I disrespected him back. My name is Terrell Owens, not Terrell Reid. I'm not his kid." It only got better from there. I'm sure ESPN will show the interview (or interviews...he said roughly the same things to Rece Davis) about 35,000 times over the next 48 hours. It was the highest of high comedy. Rosenhaus can't believe half the crap that he spews. "The Eagles can't expect TO to be happy because he's not happy. They can give him a new contract and he'll be happy again." What a load of BS.

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