Tuesday, February 03, 2009

I Love Red

He's absolutely pissed about the way that game Saturday night went down, and who can blame him? This isn't quite, "Brian Aaron needs a big red nose and floppy feet" but it's close.

The Wolverine has had lots of good stuff from Coach Berenson and the CCHA the last couple of days. Here are some choice words about the waived off goal at the end of the game:

On the explanation given to Berenson during the game: "He told me on the ice the net was off. The net didn’t even budge. The net didn’t even shake. It’s a bad call. They know it. They’re going to hear about it from the league. It’s too bad. Whether or not those officials were good enough to handle that series is a question but that’s a league situation. And the league is very good about it. [Head of officiating] Steve Piotrowski is very good about discussing it but we can’t turn it around."

There's a lot of other good stuff from Red in that post, including the fact that he clearly feels the kicked in goal was a blown call and that Brian Aaron really screwed up.

The day before, they had stuff from the CCHA. Basically both the calls were blown, but they're not overturning the game (not that anyone thought they would or should). The gist of it is that Brian Aaron is a complete fool.

CCHA sources admit that the neutral-zone referee should not have blown his whistle when he did, remarking "You have to trust your partner and the deep-zone referee, in this case, was in the proper position to make the call. You only act in that manner if your fellow official isn't in position, if he fell down or is racing down the ice." So essentially, the official on top of the play did not blow the whistle and was rendered useless when the neutral-zone referee blew the whistle prematurely.

Other stuff: As linked in the post below, it appears that Nick Cousins hasn't committed to Michigan after all, and may have, in fact, decided to be our Little Brother. If true, hopefully he works out as well as Leveille has. And if it turns out he's maize and blue after all, hopefully he's Gretzky part 2 :)

WOLV-TV has a great view of the Maday goal. My favorite part is how every Wolverine player on the ice immediately reacts about the puck being kicked in. Pretty unlucky that five or six Wolverines saw it get kicked in, but the four blind mice didn't. MGoBlog weighs in as well.

Most of my content this weekend will be over at MGoBlog. Brian is taking a well-earned vacation and is turning the keys to the kingdom over to various Michigan bloggers for the week. The LSSU post-game wrap-ups will be over there and the guys from Hoover Street Rag invited me to participate in their Cover It Live broadcast of Friday night's game (which will also be at MGoBlog). Ten Things will still be here.

Mitera's recovery is coming along, and he still is shooting to get back for at least one more game at Yost. He's been skating with the forwards in practice so he can get in some more puck touches. I'm really excited that it looks like we'll get to see #17 back on the ice in a Michigan jersey. I'm sure this isn't how he pictured his senior year, but I think they're going to be in the mix to send him out in style.

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