Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Having Another Seat Over There: Derek Deblois Commits to Michigan

3 posts in one night? Not sure I've done that before.

Thanks to alnike for the heads up on this one.

Derek Deblois, a forward who plays with Mac Bennett (and used to play with Luke Glendening) at Hotchkiss Prep, has also committed to the Wolverines for the Class of 2010 or 2011. He's a junior right now, so I'll list him as a 2010 on the Future Wolverines sidebar.

McKeen's interviewed him earlier this month and described him as tenacious and a player who can get to the net. He's also described as being Hotchkiss's "go-to guy" offensively. He listed interest in BU, Harvard, Northeastern, Denver, and Princeton as well as Michigan. Tri-City holds his USHL rights, so we may see him there (or in the BCHL) next year if he doesn't go back to Hotchkiss.

He's draft eligible this year and is rated #69 (go ahead, you know you want to...) in the NHL Midterm Rankings. I keep saying it: That class of 2010 isn't even going to be fair if all these kids make it to campus. If you're counting, we now have arguably the #1 goalie, #1 forward, #1 defenseman, a guy in Deblois who should be a mid-round pick (he's a "B" rated prospect, which means 3-5 round projection), another guy in Bennett who is ranked #63 in the midterm rankings but sounds like he could go much higher ("A" rated prospect), a guy who is #3 on the NTDP in scoring, and a defenseman who was voted captain of the NTDP U-17s. I can't see Red wanting to go anywhere when he's got a haul like that coming in.

He's also serving as an alternate captain on Hotchkiss (along with Bennett).

Random fact: I guess he and Mac Bennett are both really good at surfing. The things you find on the internet.

USHR was impressed with him last year.

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Anonymous said...

A couple year's ago, we had three incoming recruits drafted in the first round: Mitera, Cogliano and Johnson. Could this class match that?

Anonymous said...

Unrelated to this Tim-

Comments on the Spartans getting Chelios to sign with them?

Is he rated? was there any interest from schools like Michigan?

Packer487 said...

I'm not sure if we were recruiting him, though I thought I heard his name mentioned awhile back. Possibly just someone speculating.

I didn't think he was supposed to be all that good, though. He is having a pretty nice year in the USHL.