Sunday, February 01, 2009

Nick Cousins DOES NOT Commit to Michigan

And we just got a commitment from a player who is eleven years younger than me. I officially feel old.

Bob Miller is reporting that Nick Cousins, a center from the Quinte Red Devils has committed to Michigan, becoming the first member of the incoming class of 2011. Quinte is in Ontario apparently.

The Red Devils' website indicates that Cousins has 56 goals and 46 assists on the season for 102 points. He leads the team in all three categories. The next highest goal scorer has 35, the next highest assist guy has 36, and the next highest point man has 68. So yeah, he leads his team in goals by 21 and points by 34.

Cousins has been in on 102 of Quinte's 142 goals on the season. They currently sit in first place in the OMHA standings, with a 22-8-4 record. They lead their division by nine points and are second in the league standings.

Here's a little article about him and his team.

He was listed on one website as being 5'9" 151 at the moment.

And umm...he broke one of Wayne Gretzky's scoring records apparently. That can't be a bad sign.

Edit: Or not. That's a bummer.


Anonymous said...

That article mentioned the OHL route, so that sounds like a legit concern for this kid. But, his stats look mighty impressive. I'm gonna do a bit more research about that league to find out who else came from there, and what there stats looked like at a similar age.

Regardless, our recruiting is not slowing down even as Red nears retirement.

Packer487 said...

I'd love to see anything you can dig up about this league, because I'm completely unfamiliar with it.

I'm sure we're in for a few long years of OHL talk.

Anonymous said...

This is looking well into the future, but...

In 2010, assuming everyone stays, we could potentially have 12 NHL draft picks at forward, 5 defensemen drafted and 1 goalie drafted. That would be 18 NHL draft picks on one roster! Consider...

Palusha, Rust, Hagelin, Caparusso, Winnett (even if he has been disappointing, the talent is still there), Czarnik and Wohlberg have all been drafted already and still have eligibility left for 2010. Treais, Lynch and Brown are all projected to be drafted in this upcoming draft, and Fallon and Moffatt will both get drafted in the 2010 NHL draft. That would be 12 NHL draft picks amongst just our forwards.

Burlon and Pateryn are already drafted. Bennett is projected to be, and both Merill and Clare will be in 2010. That's 5, with an outside shot that Moffie might be (but I doubt it).

Campbell will be an NHL draft pick. Hogan might be, but that could be a stretch.

So, cross our fingers, we could potentially ice nearly an entire line-up of past NHL draft picks in 2010... wow.

Anonymous said...

Cousins was in Ann Arbor Feb 18

Anonymous said...

the kid is probably good enough but he probably doesnt have the grades to cut it in the collegiate level, so maybe the OHL is the route for him.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I actually taught this kid in Grade 8. Very good student academically. Usually got all of his work done even when he missed several days for hockey. He definetly has the talent as well, as I referee hockey in the Quinte region where he plays. Quinte is Belleville, Trenton, Kingston Ontario. Just east of Toronto. If this kid actually decides to go to your school you are getting an excellent hockey player and a solide student who will have no problemkeeping his academic eligibility.

Anonymous said...

a knowledgable source told me he was scheduled to meet someone from the michigan staff yesterday. he is currently holding an average slightly above 70. he led the omha finals tournament in scoring and also just led the round robin scoring at the OHL Cup tournament with 4 goals 6 assists 10 pts, 2 greater than the 4 players trailing in second.

Anonymous said...

Not to mention that the players who were directly trailing him made it to the finals and had a chance to overtake him playing one more game! He is a solid player, and solid student. Have to wait and see what happens in the OHL draft. He moved up quite a few spots and I am hearing 4th overall. Really shines under the spotlight!