Thursday, February 12, 2009

Programming Note

No 10 Things this week. I was hoping to have something up, but we're in the process of moving, I'm coming back to Michigan this weekend for a wedding, and I had a death in the family so the trip is going to be longer than I anticipated.

Any coverage will completely depend on family stuff. MGoBlue will be archiving Friday night's game and I have the DVR set for Saturday's game, but I'm not sure when I'll be able to watch them or if I'll have time to write about them.

Quick stuff:

Omaha is 4 points back of us in sixth place in the CCHA, but they have just four games remaining in CCHA play (against us and Notre Dame). Anything short of a sweep for them probably means they can't catch us. They've won just one game since the first of the year and have gone 1-7-4 since throttling Yale. They're winless in regulation in their last nine games and have gotten outscored 28-9 in that span.

Despite the recent slide, their goalies both put up pretty darn good numbers. This is a team we need to sweep, though.

Michigan needs a single point to clinch home ice in the first round of the CCHA Playoffs. Our magic number is six to clinch a first-round bye and home ice in the second round. That could happen with a Michigan sweep and an Alaska regulation loss (or two shootout losses) at Western Michigan.


Anonymous said...


Have a good trip to Michigan. Sorry about your loss, it probably dampens the joy of attending the wedding. Moving is a pain, too.

Plenty to be found on
if anyone is interested.


Packer487 said...

Thanks Streaker, I appreciate it.

I actually got to go to the game last night. We were driving back, hitting Ann Arbor about 6:30, talked to the family and nothing was going on last night, so we called an audible and went to the game. SO great to be back in the old barn.

Not sure I'll have a chance to write about it...maybe while the girl is getting ready for the wedding. It doesn't take me nearly as long :)

Anonymous said...

Man, I wished I had known you were there. I didn't step outside in between periods with the USCHO crew because I had my wife with me last night, and it was jammed up in sec 9.

Have a good trip back to Madtown.
Look forward to more of your musings.
Heck of a game tonight, once again U-M had dug a hole with the officiating by taking aggressive penalties. (I could rant about the 5 minute major on a two minute minor to Miller, but I digress.) Fought back to win, but, based on USCHO, the winner was "controversial" because the UNO d-man got tripped leading to
the rush and the goal. I watched the video replays on and it appears that Glendenning got stick on puck coinciding with skate, then Del Grosso went down, leading to the turnover.

Michigan #2 in the PWR now, and a huge series in the worst state ever, next weekend.

Anonymous said...

That 5 minute major was ridiculous and basically assured UNO of a goal.

And, yes, that was a trip that led to our GWG. So, it evens out...

What a great win for Billy!