Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Slow Day

Nothing much is going on today, so today's update is going to be a short one.

Mike Spath and Bob Miller have updated the Hockey Hotboard to include some new players, along with comments from Bob about many of the guys.

Also over at the Yost Post, Maize Out said that there may be some good news on the recruiting front after this weekend. I'm sure he'll have it over at WCH if that's the case.

More stuff about the NHL Schedule: Apparently the Red Wings were proposing that the league go back to the 84 game schedule they used to have, and lower the number of preseason games. That would allow for every team to play every other team both home and away at least once. Gary Bettman put the kabosh on that, which is another reason he's a moron. When the Wings and Leafs are both behind a proposal, chances are it'd be good for the game. It's still nice to see the Wings taking the initiative on this, since the league isn't smart enough to do so.

Finally a couple of reminders for some charitable events that are going on right now:
-The U of M Memorabilia Auction to support the Pat Maloy Cancer Scholarship is going on right now. So far, they've raised over $20,000 based on the bids that are in. There's some really great stuff up for bid, including some cool hockey stuff. Also, if you happen to know any San Jose Sharks fans, there are a couple of signed jerseys which have pretty low bids right now. The team signed jersey hasn't been bid on yet, and opens at $200, which is pretty reasonable.

-Christy Hammond from Behind The Jersey is helping out with a campaign to get people to register as organ donors. They're having a competition with Ohio State to see who can get more people to sign up, and we're getting thrashed right now. One feature of the program is to provide red heart stickers for each would-be-donor's driver's license, which played a key role in Jason Ray's organs being donated. He was the UNC Mascot who was killed earlier this year. So if that's something you believe in, please help out the cause.

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