Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Media Roundup: Icebreaker Tournament

Let's try something new on Mondays/Tuesdays: Media Roundup. The goal is to compile articles that I find about the past weekend, point out interesting facts, tidbits, or observations that I missed or failed to mention, and to comment when necessary. If people like this feature and I find that it's useful, I'll make it a regular part of the weekend coverage. If it just ends up being me regurgitating links, then it won't. I'd also consider holding this feature until mid-week so that I can comment on the Michigan Daily's take (why do they wait til Wednesday? Weird). So we'll see how it goes.

One comment that I meant to make and neglected to is how much I enjoy when we play Boston College. It seems like every time it ends up being a really fun hockey game. Red Berenson said in a chat on CSTV that it's possible we'll go out East in the near future. Maybe that Fenway game actually happens?

The games against the Wolverines took their toll on the opponents. Brock Bradford is out indefinitely after breaking his arm on Friday night, and Ryan Stoa will miss the rest of Minnesota's season after blowing out his knee Saturday night. Best wishes to both guys on a speedy recovery.

The Ann Arbor News is upbeat about what the future holds for this team. Matt Rust, wise beyond his years, understands something that previous Michigan teams couldn't grasp: "It goes to show that we can be a top team. It's all about working hard." Show up, bust your ass every night, and we're going to win a lot more than we lose.

RJ Anderson's goal to kick off the Championship Game was the first of his career, snapped a 70-game goalless streak. It's good to know that stuff like that doesn't only happen to the Red Wings.

The impressive performance this weekend lifted Michigan up to #6 in the latest USCHO and USA Today polls. North Dakota remains #1 after a blowout win over Michigan State (who fell to #9 in both polls). Miami also received a few first place votes and holds down the #2 spot. 5 CCHA teams are in each of the rankings.

Upcoming opponent Boston University got off to a rough start, losing to Robert Morris (ouch) and tying Alaska-Anchorage. Granted it was up in Alaska, but that's starting to look like a series that we should probably sweep, given that it's the home opener and all.

WCH agreed that Frazee's shot total was inflated and also provided some comments about individual Michigan players.

You want Hagelin shirts? I give Hagelin shirts. Bork Bork Bork! Yes the kid rules, and yes, that is going to be the motto for this season. If I was still able to go to games at Yost, I would totally be trying to get the student section to chant that when he scores. Someone please make it happen.

One final note that isn't related to ice hockey, congrats to the Michigan Field Hockey team who has clinched at least a share of the Big Ten Championship for the fourth time in six years. They've rebounded from a 2-4 start against an absurdly tough schedule to raise their record to 11-4 (5-0 Big Ten) and move up to the #5 spot in the national rankings. The nine game winning streak includes four wins in overtime.


Anonymous said...

The Daily didn't publish until Wed. this week because it was Fall Break. All other weeks, the Daily will run its coverage on Monday. Please also look for online updates immediately following each game.

Packer487 said...

Beautiful! Thanks for the clarification. I look forward to being able to add their input to this feature, if I decide that it ends up being useful.