Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Lost in the Cogliano departure and the goalie merry-go-round was the fact that one of the most important players in this year's class, defenseman Kevin Quick, was selected in the OHL Draft by Sarnia, who also selected his brother. Even though the DEFCON never went to 1 with him, the chance was still there that he could bail for the OHL.

Looks like he's not going anywhere.

MaizeOut found a great interview with Kevin over at BoltProspects.com in which he says that he has "no intention of ever going to the OHL."

The interview is outstanding a provides a lot of information about Kevin. Both of his coaches (prep and Midget Major) seem to think he's got the potential to be a Top 4 defenseman in the NHL. The latter coach compared him to Scott Niedermayer and Jack Johnson. He also has a Lloyd Carr-like ability to use the word "tremendous".

It's a really great interview and well worth the read. He sounds like a great kid, and we're lucky to have him at Michigan. Despite being a third-round NHL draft pick, he's kind of been under the radar, at least in my own consciousness due to the fact that he plays out East and it's not nearly as easy to get information about him as it is the guys at USA or in the USHL. He could be a very important addition to our team, however. We're going to need some help in scoring from the blueline after the losses of Matt Hunwick and JMFJ. It sounds like Quick could very well help pick up the slack.

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colin said...

Quick and Mitera could even make a better overall top D line than last year in terms of defense. Hunwick was really abysmal and as amazing as Jack was, he had to carry Hunwick on his back.