Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A Little More on Brandon Burlon

Here's a little more information about the newest Michigan Wolverines verbal, Brandon Burlon.

From the Hockey Prospects Online draft guide for the 2006 OHL Draft:

Burlon has been the prospect we have seen some of the most improvement from over the course of his minor midget season. He is a very good passer and plays the game with heart. His skating is more than adequate and he possesses a bullet of a shot that he put on display with 3 goals in the OHL Cup. I feel that Burlon's ability to read the play and make the right decision will make him a late first round or early second round pick in this year's draft.

McKeen's writes the following about him, based on his play at the aforementioned OHL Cup, where he had 3 goals in 3 games:

Is a physically strong player who can contain his man...he shows a lot of confidence in his puck handling abilities as it was not uncommon for him to dance into the offensive zone and set up shop and quickly recover if he got safe decisions with the puck in offensive situations...great skater with wide range of motion who could still use a little work on his foot speed.

Outlook: Shows tremendous promise and while he may not be the biggest defender in terms of height he compensates that deficiency with sound positional skills and brute force. Burlon worked hard and impressed many with his play this season and should be worthy of a high pick come the OHL draft.
As an added bonus, since I love you all, here's what Hockey Prospects Online wrote about Robbie Czarnik and David Wohlberg (even though they spelled his name wrong) in the same preview:

Czarnik is a dynamic forward who can take over a game with his shifty moves and his long reach. He is able to get around defenders with his reach and has one of the quickest releases in midget major hockey. Czarnik just has that scoring touch that not many players are gifted with. He takes a lot of abuse on the ice, but he seems to handle it well and even shows some grit to his game when defenders challenge him.

[Wohlberg is the] Detroit Honeybaked Captain and leads by example on and off the ice. Has a great all-around skill-set and possesses a great mind for the game defensively. He is a great passer who uses his teammates and he can really create a lot of offense on the rush.


Anonymous said...

Hey Tim -

Burlon strikes me as being the right kind of d-man to excel in college hockey.

Czarnik's skills are electric.

Besides being a leader, Wohlberg can be a very gritty player. I don't understand the relative lack of interest in him by the OHL.

Anonymous said...

Burlon is a tool.
He's got a couple durty dangles, but the idea of him in college is a joke.
He's lucky he can use a stick.

Anonymous said...

burlon's a tool r you kidding me you probably havent even seen the kid play