Sunday, May 20, 2007

Clarification on the Goalie Situation

I spoke with a source close to the situation about the four-goalies-three-spots issue and this is the way it's shaking out, as I understand it:

Steve Jakiel has left school and won't be coming back next year. Hunwick is in, and it's reportedly not a one year thing. In addition, from what I've heard, Bryan Hogan will be coming this year, with the intention of winning the starting job.

I expect that the guys from The Wolverine will have more on the situation in the coming days, but it seems that the above is the way that things are going to play out. And it makes sense. Jakiel barely played last year with only Sauer in front of him. He wasn't going to play any more next year with Hogan potentially being in front of him as well.

In Hogan, we get a guy that put up outstanding numbers a year ago--who actually got Jakiel traded in the first place--and struggled quite a bit last year. If he gets back to form, I expect him to at least challenge for the starting job.

Hunwick won a AAA State Championship with Victory Honda and put up impressive numbers there (2.54, .942) before heading to the NAHL last year where he got off to a good start before being injured.

Anyway, it seems that issue is taken care of, and will be ending in the way that I was hoping, at least. The next issue: Can Sauer get it together or will someone take the job from him?

Unfortunately, that won't be answered until the skates come on in the late summer/early fall.

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