Friday, January 27, 2006

This Can't Be Ignored

I said this would be a 99% sports-related blog, and as this is post 100 and I'm pretty sure I haven't had a non-sports post yet, I figure that buys me one. I have to comment on this, because it's one of the funniest stories I have ever read. And it's made all the funnier by the fact that 1) These girls went to State, go figure...and 2) They also went to my high school.

Basically here's the gist of the article: A couple kids got liquored up before prom. In the limo, they passed some shots to the other kids. At prom, one of the kids that was really drinking got caught by school officials. They then breathalyzed the rest of the students in the party. 3 girls were found to have .02 BACs. They all got MIPs. 6 weeks later, Judge Martone--the judge on the case--is looking around on the internet and finds a website with pictures of the girls, taken the day after the court hearing, drinking. The picture is captioned "F.U. Martone!" So he brought the girls back into court and they all got jail time. Just hilarious.

Highlights of the story:

On the site, they were giving him the finger. They were toasting him with cups
of beer and chugging shots of Jagermeister liqueur. They were posing with beer
cans stacked almost to the ceiling, and retching into toilets at Michigan State
The Web site's headline said: "F U Martone. ... Night after
court/ Hahaaa."

It's always smart to screw with a judge. To quote Fark, "What could possibly go wrong?"
She'd written a letter, asking for leniency. She handed it to the judge.
"It was sad," he recalled. "In it, she said she wants to be a criminal justice major. I told her, perhaps you might want to consider another line of work."

Ouch!! That should've been her first clue that this wasn't going well....

Stesney's mother, Cheryl Stesney, who would not let her daughter comment
for this report, said Martone "let his anger get out of control. He was just so
hurt and embarrassed by that Web site."

Polly Meerschaert agreed. "I do feel this is all about vengeance. I won't say my daughter didn't make a mistake. But the minute it became personal, the judge should've removed himself," she said.

Her parents have yanked her out of MSU -- out of its culture of drinking,
her mother said.

It cracks me up when these parents try to pass the blame. Your stupid beyotch daughter is on probation for drinking, and she put up a website with pictures of herself drinking. That's dumb enough without putting profane remarks directed at the judge on it. What did she think was going to happen? And Ms. Stesney...he was hurt and embarassed by the website? You should be hurt and embarassed by the fact that you raised a kid that dumb. Jim Rome once commented that if your daughter ends up dancing on a pole, you have failed as a parent. Well I would add that if your daughter violates probation and gets put in jail because she put up a website showing her violating probation and flipping off the judge, that you have failed as a parent. I think I would pour bleach down my throat if I had a kid that stupid.

There's two great threads on the RCMB that have links to some of the pictures, and some great comments by the Sparties, such as (with regard to the MSU's culture of drinking comment) "Looks like that culture is actually at Troy Athens, no?" I was dying.

It gets even better after you're done with the article, because there's a sidebar with a transcript of one of the hearings.

Martone: I would like to know what "F U Martone" stands for.

I may not have a good idea about the right way to answer that question, but I know this isn't it:

Meerschaert: It's not what you think. It's not angry. It's not...

I'm sure he was glad she cleared that up. Strong work, Sparty.

Then there's this priceless exchange:

Martone, viewing the Web site on his laptop computer: Then if we go down to some of these photos, I find them very interesting. That one that is dedicated to me, and it looks like you're standing in front of a City of Troy sign that was stolen.
Meerschaert: It wasn't stolen, your honor.
Martone: Oh, the City of Troy has signs in dorm rooms at MSU?

You can't put a price on something like that. I have no words. This is from the "You know you're screwed when...." department.

Yet, the parent still insists that the judge was just throwing her in jail because she made it personal. Her daughter, quite simply, is a fucking moron. There's no other way to put it.


Anonymous said...

Hi-just wanted to say you have nooo life. considering you have a whole webpage blog thing dedicated to u of m sports you must be a foreigner (since everyone who doesnt play sports but goes to michigan is asian or indian) with balls the size of m&ms since you worship the teams there so much..but aren't on them. *sigh* pathetic. kind of how you can comment on those girls when you don't even know the real story. i go to college with them and know them and the story quite well,they are really nice girls. you have no right to bash on them or their parents. people make mistakes, and yes it was extremely dumb to post the pictures..but who wouldve thought a 50 year old man would be looking at college girls webshots in the first place? the girls were not flipping off the camera for judge martone..they didnt want their pictures taken so they flicked off the person taking the picture. the caption did not say anything about fact only one caption did. and him and his ego decided to make the whole set of pictures seem as tho they were about him. he sent them to jail because hes battling brain cancer and the meds he was on made him a raving psycho who can't judge straight. he shouldve stepped out of his job long ago..and even called one of the girls parents to apologize for sending her to jail. the sign was not was an old sign taken from a garbage heap by people who work for the city of troy and they put it in their apartment. and as for the statements made in court...what the fuck would you say if your ass was on the line and you were scared shitless? oh wait..that's right. you go to u of m. its 7 at night and you're probly studying the shit ton of homework you have every night. you don't have time to get in trouble. all you can do is envy those who are more bad ass then you..and try to make them look bad out of jealousy. maybe YOU should pour bleach down YOUR throat. dont worry i'll have a beer on ya. SPARTY ONNN!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't know how I stumbled on to this website, but here goes. This Spartan that posted the comments above, accusing the Wolverine for having "no life", is statistically more likely to live closer to the poverty line than the Wolverine is. Enough said.

Anonymous said...

So the girls get peer pressured into taking a sip of booze on prom night in the limo and blow a .02 and get in trouble for that?

Do you have any clue as to much liquor it takes for a tiny teenage girl and blow a .02 half hour after the fact? I bet it was enough to fill a 20oz plastic bottlecap.

What is wrong with that school? Troy cops give out MIPs for that! Unreal!

Anonymous said...

Mike Martone is a arrogant ass. It was personal. He is a small and petty man. He should have recused himself.

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