Saturday, January 21, 2006

Michigan 6, Bowling Green 1

I want to know who kidnapped the real Wolverines and put that team in white out there last night that actually looked like they knew how to play hockey.

There were two guys last night that could probably say that they played their best games as Wolverines: Tim Cook and Tim Miller.

It wasn't just that Cook scored last night. He was pretty darn good in almost all of the aspects of the game. He still had a couple of Tim Cook "moments" but he had a goal, chipped in on the offensive end a couple more times (he looked like he did at the start of the year in that regard), he was a team-high +3, and actually made 2-3 bodychecks. It looked like he was actually playing with confidence out there, which was great to see. Hopefully he can keep it up. That'd be a big addition to the team if that kid starts actually helping the team.

Timmy Miller was just awesome last night. 2 assists I believe, he was great on the kills and in his own end, and as tbarr put it at Grizzly Peak, he threw more punches without getting a DQ than anyone we've seen. He popped about 3 different guys in that fight and only got 2 for roughing. Miller, Naurato and MacVoy are really playing well for us right now, and Bailey was before he got hurt.

At the other end, Travis Turnbull has really fallen off with his play. I'm not expecting him to go dropping 3-5 goals a month or anything like that, but I've barely noticed him out on the ice these last few games. He hasn't been nearly as good as he was at the start of the year.

Our defense all around was much better last night than it has been lately. I think it add support to the idea that Johnson and Hunwick shouldn't be playing together. It doesn't do any good to have both offensive defensemen in the same pairing when (in most cases) the other 4 dmen don't jump into the offensive zone all that often.

Montville and Ward didn't hurt us any last night.

Hensick's goal was just gorgeous, though I would've been absolutely hacked at him if he didn't score, because he had a teammate WIDE open the entire time and he didn't even look at him. Great moves, great goal...should've passed the puck. I guess that's TJ.

Cook's goal was just as pretty. Cogliano and Miller (I believe) had a nice give and goal on a 2 on 1 then Cogliano brought the goalie to one side of the net before throwing a behind the back, no-look pass into the slot for Cook to tap it in.

Ruden was outstanding in goal. He's playing well enough to keep starting. I hate it for Sauer because he really hasn't had much help, but Rudy is at the top of his game right now and he earned another start tonight.

Amazing that in a 6-1 game, Swystun can still find a way to be a minus.

A play I had never seen before: Bowling Green got a delay of game penalty when they had 2 players thrown out on a faceoff. I guess it must be a mandatory penalty, but I had never seen that.

Molina--the original porno moustache (we started that chant!)--shaved it off! What gives??!! We finally have the guy do one of our games again and he doesn't have his famous moustache. Disappointing....

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