Saturday, January 21, 2006

BGSU 5, Michigan 2

And they throw everything away with that loss tonight. Johnson and Hunwick victimized again, Ruden sounded like he was hung out to dry numerous times, Billy Sauer sharp in relief. Awesome.

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Anonymous said...

I rhink your all missing something. This team appears to becoming a group of homers. I think were too soft. You always refer to the goalies being hung out , well defense is all 5, not just the d. UM has a set forecheck where the d pinches and the far wing picks up, many times when you think it's the d it' was really the wing that broke down. And when do you think our goalies will steal a game? Goalies are required to make more than just point shot saves. Look at Wisconsin. Sometimes the goalie has to come up big. I think the PP problem is a big issue. We do not have any forwards willing to stick their nose in front, fight for pucks and get those dirty goals. No deflrctions or havoc in front. We won't win from the perimiter. Not enough players with the win at all cost mentality, which leads me to Jack. He is maybe the only one NOT intimadeted by anyone, home or away. His penalties are all rough and tough. They make other players look out for him, we need more toughness. By the way, did you see ANYBODY on Miami, Canada, Alaska od MSU even try to go after Jack? You better enjoy him now, Carolina tried to sign him AT World Juniors. If you think he is a liability, let him go. In fact what UM REALLY needs is Jack and Hunwick out for every other shift! Cut down on playing everyone and go with your best. Just observations. Go Blue!