Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Packers have a new coach

You know how I said that I wasn't a fan of hiring an offensive coordinator of a team that didn't have a good offense? Well. Umm...My team just hired the offensive coordinator of the team with the worst offense in football. Super.

I'm not going to freak out yet, because he was here before and Ron Wolf always had high praise for him, and apparently he's pretty well thought of, but holy crap. They didn't score a touchdown for like 4 games. To be fair, his offenses in New Orleans were pretty good (to be fair, they're right about the same as Brad Childress's offenses that I wasn't thrilled with the looks of...but at the same time, I always thought of NO as a pretty good offensive team and I was never scared of Philly in that way) and the 49ers weren't really bursting with talent.

On the bright side, I think this means Favre will be back since Mike McCarthy was his QB coach before and they're apparently on good terms.

On the downside, Jim Bates is probably gone, which means a 4th offensive coordinator in 4 years for the Packers. Though it might be Mike Singletary, which would be cool.


Packer487 said...

Hey, Michigan hired an Ohio State assistant and that worked out pretty well!

I actually don't really hate the Bears. The Packers have completely dominated that rivalry for as long as I can remember (My first real memories of watching were in 91, but I was a fan for a couple years before that).

I do like singing "The Bears Still Suck" every now and then though ;)

Packer487 said...

It's just one of those things....a lot of Packers fans would probably think I'm nuts but I just can't get up a hatred of the Bears. And that's even the last few years when they've been splitting (or this year when the Bears swept them).

A big part of it is that Walter Payton was one of the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. And I love Chicago as a city. Honestly, I'd root for Chicago over pretty much anyone else in the playoffs this year.