Friday, March 25, 2011

You Be the Ref

Goon doesn't like it.

I think it's clear the puck was in. I don't know that the video "conclusively" backs it up, but it's obvious that the puck was in the net. The end-zone camera shows the puck either over the line or on the line, and it's on its way back out. There's no physical way that puck wasn't in the net. Like I said, if you want to say the video wasn't conclusive, I won't argue with you. After 10 minutes, I have a tough time believing they were 100% convinced. That said, they got it right. The puck was in the net and it's about goddamn time one of those calls went our way. I couldn't have handled another OT goal waived off.

More later. Still watching CC/BC.


Tim said...

You can't see it that well in this crappy quality, but on actual HD picture (not somebody filming the TV from across the room), the far endzone camera shows white space between the line and the puck.

If the refs didn't have access to that angle, they still might have done it wrong, but I'd rather than make the right call for the wrong reason than the wrong call (easy to say when Michigan won, of course).

Anonymous said...

Homer, way to go refs, what the hell is instant replay for. you will have to listen to this one for years... hope its the only f-up of the tourney.

Brandon said...

99% Certain: Puck was in net
100% certain: WCHA fans will whine about everything that doesn't include a 5-way tie for the national title amongst the 5 WCHA teams

the puck was in the net. why is everyone so upste that they made the right call?

Anonymous said...

There's the link from the OP and a link, about 5 posts down from poster, "Cowbellguy" that show a few different looks with the puck clearly in the net. It was a goal, if the fuss is about everyone not being completely, 100% it's a goal.

Tim said...

Anonymous #1, the sequence at 0:27 shows with 100% conclusive visual evidence that it is a goal. If you want to disagree with that, maybe you should re-evaluate who is and is not a "homer."

Anonymous said...

Let Goon complain, when confronted with proof it was a goal he just deleted the comments on his post instead of admitting he was wrong.

Not that I had ever heard of him before or anything, but thanks to this little episode I now know I can safely ignore him.