Thursday, March 03, 2011

CCHA Champs!

I was in Indianapolis this past weekend, working 6 pm - 7 am, which pretty much resulted in work, eat, sleep for four days.

I got to listen to parts of our games and the WMU games this past weekend, but you aren't going to get a whole lot of detail here.

It sounded like we kind of sleep-walked through Friday night's game and were fortunate to get out of there with a victory.

Saturday there was almost nothing in terms of shots on goal for either team for seemingly half of the game. The Wolverines broke it open and cruised to what looked like an easier win than it probably was.

Nice moment in the third period as Shawn Hunwick, who played really well all weekend from the sound of it, pulled himself from the game to allow Bryan Hogan some ice time so his last memory of playing college hockey (barring injury or ineffectiveness) wouldn't be getting hurt at The Big Chill. The two combined for the shutout.

After Notre Dame came from behind on Friday night, WMU shut out the Irish in South Bend. Notre Dame had three goals waived off in the game. Their loss was enough to propel Michigan to the top of the standings in the ccha.

It's actually kind of an amazing result given the amount of uninspired, undisciplined play we've seen for wide portions of the season. The offense sputtered, the special teams weren't (or were, depending on which definition you're using). And yet everyone is looking up at Michigan and there's a chance we could even up getting a 1-seed when it's time to play for keeps.

The best part of getting the top spot in the ccha is that it guarantees we can't see ND or Miami until the conference title game.

NMU played the Swedish anthem before their Senior Night game, and the result was pretty much the same as it was at Yost. Carl Hagelin regulated. I'm thinking that needs to be a fixture the rest of the year.

Anyway, Brian, Jason, The Daily, and all have good stuff from this weekend. I'm on my phone, so no links, but you know where they are.

Phone's gonna die so I have to wrap this up. Congrats to the guys. Hunwick better get First Team All CCHA...
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