Sunday, March 20, 2011

Selection Show Live Blog

Here we go!

10:35-Yale/Air Force and Union/Duluth in the East Regional in Bridgeport. In the breakdown, Melrose pretty much rips Ryan Rondeau, the Yale goalie, who happens to lead all goalies in goals against average (1.83) and is second in save percentage (.932). I think I would've just said what everyone was thinking, which is "The ECAC sucks. We have no idea how good they actually are."

10:41-North Dakota gets the 1 seed in the Midwest Regional in GB. They'll take on RPI. Denver and Western Michigan play in the other side of the bracket. Denver and NoDak just played a double-overtime game last night.

10:44-We saw a clip from the semifinal game and they show a clip of Evan Trupp picking the puck up on his stick in his own zone and skating the length of the ice. He didn't score, but that was pretty damn cool. That guy can fly. Mike Legg is still better.

10:50-Hehe! Another shot of BU beating Miami for the title. How many years do we get to see this? It never gets old. BC number one seed in the West regional. They'll play CC. Michigan/UNO on the other side. That's a tough draw, and it's a perfect example of why you HAVE to beat Western Michigan and keep your #1 seed. If we got the #4 overall seed, we'd be looking at a UNH --> Merrimack/ND/(maybe Miami?) --> Yale road to the Final. Now it's UNO --> BC --> North Dakota.

10:53-The rest of the bracket is Miami/UNH and Merrimack/Notre Dame.

10:58-God we crapped the bed by losing to Western. Is it possible to still pull this off? Sure. But if you win that game, you avoid BC, NoDak, and Miami until the Championship Game. Now we'd likely have to go through both of them just to make the Final. (Note: This is assuming the NCAA does the #1 bracket vs #4 bracket in the Frozen Four, which is how it usually works.)

I think our chances of making the Frozen Four went from 50% down to something like 15-20% by losing that game to Western Michigan and getting the draw we did. Ugh.

We'll play at 5:30 on Friday. According to my guide on Dish Network, ESPNU will air that game on tape delay at 11:30 pm. They'll be airing both games from the East Regional live, then showing the nightcap of the Midwest Regional. Then they'll show our game on tape delay. I hate that ESPN has the full rights now. It was so great being able to flip around and play choose your own adventure with which game you wanted to watch live. Hopefully the in-laws place in Florida gets That's where I'll be.

More later.



streaker said...

Even if we would have beaten WMU there would have been no way we beat Miami the way we played this past weekend. I still say we finish as a 5 seed, Tim. Having Wohlberg out really neutered our offense (and the way we were defended) and without Burlon our young defensemen looked lost. Hunwick saved us from a two loss weekend Saturday, even if Carl and Louie found the net. If we don't tighten our defensive play and stop turning the puck over, it will not be a long NCAA tourney.

Jon said...

I say bring it on. If we manage to make it through UNO/BS/NoDak/Insert team name here, there would be no disputing the championship as being too easy a run to the final.

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