Friday, January 09, 2009

More Evidence an Outdoor Game is Coming

Andy Baggot, who seems to be pretty clued in to the Badgers, reports on that "barring an unforseen hitch in negotiations", Wisconsin and Michigan will play hockey at Camp Randall in February of next year.

The Badger fans who have commented on a couple articles about the potential game actually don't seem that jazzed about it. It's absurd to think that they'll only get 30,000 if it's cold, though. Aside from the NFC Championship tailgate last year, I don't think I've ever been more cold than I was at The Cold War, and I had an absolute riot. Even if Michigan wasn't playing in the game, I'd be in attendance because, plain and simple, outdoor games kick ass. But yeah, if they put 40,000+ into Lambeau for Wisconsin/Ohio State, they'll sell out Camp Randall for Wisconsin/Michigan.

If Wisconsin returns the favor and plays us at The Big House the following season, even better!

Sidenote: There's probably a good reason why the USCHO poster said the problem at Yost was the roof and the commenter here said masonry and a problem with the egress on the East side of the building. They were both kind of right. The first part of what Puckhead posted pretty much meshes with what I heard.

I still think it's funny that we care about fire codes at Yost all of a sudden.

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This is a bit before your era, but I do remember another time that the city cared about the fire code at Yost. Around '92-'94, the band used to place the Olympic Anthem about once per game. At some point, a few students thought it would be appropriate to somewhat imitate a torch lighting, running from the bottom of the student section to the top with an open ligther. This quickly became part of the standard routine and Yost, and the Fire Department "strongly recommended" that the band stop playing the anthem.

No joke!