Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Another Ex-Wolverine to Make His NHL Debut?

This one is a surprise.

Just under a year after he was kicked off the Wolverines, Kevin Quick, aka "Other", was called up by the Tampa Bay Lightning on an emergency basis and it appears he will make his NHL debut tonight against the San Jose Sharks. The Lightning dressed just five defensemen a night ago and one of them went down, so it looks like Quick will play tonight (and possibly quite a bit). He has 0 points and a +3 rating in 14 games with the Norfolk Admirals this season.

It's nice to see that one incredibly bad decision hasn't screwed up his life. By all accounts, he's a good kid that made a mistake, and it's nice to see that he's been able to continue his career. I don't know if it would be proper to consider him a Michigan "alum" in the NHL, but if ya count him, we're only a backup goalie away from being able ice an entire team of ex-Michigan players. I believe he'd be defenseman #6 in the league at the moment.

The North American midterm rankings are out. Chris Brown is the #29 skater, Mac Bennett is #63, Kevin Lynch is #83, AJ Treais is #205, and Lee Moffie is #210.

MHNet doesn't win for coolest photo of the weekend (the first shot from Friday night's gallery on MGoBlue takes that honor), but this one is right up there with the shot from inside the net of Burlon's goal going in. There are some really cool shots in that gallery.

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