Sunday, January 25, 2009

Thank God

From the Detroit Free Press:

“I have a strained neck right now,” Kampfer said in a phone interview with the Free Press on Sunday. “I had no relapse of what happened earlier. Hopefully, I’ll be back this weekend.”

Seriously? He might play this weekend? That kid is either the toughest SOB in the world or he's seriously got someone looking out for him.

This also should put an end to the debate about where Tropp hit him:

“It’s something that shouldn’t have happened,” Kampfer said. “It just shows the lack of sense that people have. I don’t think two-handing someone over the neck when someone has had previous injuries is right or necessary.”

Comley said that Conboy will "probably" stay home next weekend when they play Lake State. Why there is any qualification on that statement is beyond me. Both players should be suspended for the season, bare minimum. Sheer luck is the only reason this didn't turn into another Steve Moore incident.

The CCHA shouldn't need to issue a suspension to get Comley to leave Conboy's ass home. There's no circumstance where that behavior should be acceptable and if he doesn't have the balls to park him for a damn long time, regardless of what the CCHA does, I'll officially lose all respect for that man.

I say it again, though....thank God...


Anonymous said...

I guess Stevie has a bruise on his neck, otherwise he wouldn't know if he was slashed in the neck or not. He was out cold for at least three minutes immediately after Conboy hit him.

Anonymous said...

Dad is not ok, he will face the music for stupid actions afterward.
Parents and hockey don't mix.

Anonymous said...

Dad will be ok. I heard from a prominent michigan media member Saturday night, that Tropp will not press charges. If the DA is going to press charges then it is just serves to bring attention to the university.

Anonymous said...

I think if Tropp pressed charges for simple assault, the Kampfers would file charges for a higher degree of assault.

Best to let it drop since the kid will be okay.

Tropp doesn't have a history of violence, he'll get punished. Conboy should be banned, especially with his history.

Anonymous said...

"Best to let it drop since the kid will be okay."

I hope you mean any criminal charges.

BTW, Tropp pressing charges?

Anonymous said...

Tropp assaulted by dad in lockeroom according to witnesses.
Trespass, negligence by U of M AD and security. all chargeable offenses. and yes stupidity comes with U of M. They hired Rich Rod!

Anonymous said...

Well, we see what the Spartan Spin is going to be here.

(Slashing an unconscious man in the back of the neck as hard as you can) = (trespassing)

(Slashing an unconscious man in the back of the neck as hard as you can) = (swearing)

See, because slashing an unconscious man in the back of the neck as hard as you can is "bad behavior", as is chanting "fuck you, State" as is a man confronting the guy who slashed his unconscious son in the back of the neck. And since they are all examples of "bad behavior", that means that none of them are any worse than any other.

Sparty, NO!

Anonymous said...

FUCK STATE.... nothing else needs to be said. Nothing they say or can do will justify anything. Call me immature, call me classless. Sometimes it is appropriate, no matter what the sparties think.

Anonymous said...

State News spin on the story...
'Kampfer instigated it all by making a run at tropp'

Good work Sparty. Try to cover up your actions by citing something that is clearly erroneous. The video clips don't have great shots of the "Tropp Chop" but they do show a text-book open ice hit by Kampfer. I apologize for my reasoning using text books because I know those are not completely understood in East Lansing.