Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Burn That Yost Built

Two of my favorite Packers blogs, Cheesehead TV and Packergeeks, call it "Keepin' It Real Thursday". I know better than to commit myself to writing on a specific day of the week--or even doing it every well. So instead, this is the first edition of The Burn That Yost Built. I like Jim Rome more than the Dallas Cowboys anyway. Basically I'm just putting a label on the posts where I give quick thoughts about various things happening in the sports world--or whatever else has peaked my interest:

-Is there anything more WNBA than having a slap-fight "brawl" in which a star player tears her ACL? The only thing that would have made it better is if they could have somehow incorporated a player dribbling the ball off her foot or shooting a layup off the underside of the rim.

-Speaking of fighting at the Palace, the rumor making the rounds is that the Pistons are thinking about trying to acquire Ron Artest. Would that be the most unlikely marriage in sports history? I can't see the Pistons bringing in the man that almost single-handedly caused the downfall of the Indiana Pacers. We've got one nut-job on the team already (Rasheed Wallace, who I love). Adding Artest to the mix with a rookie coach--albeit one who appears to have the respect of the team already--might be pushing it. Then again, think of the promotions they could put on if everyone was willing to have a sense of humor about things.

-Round two of "The Curse of Bryan Herta" went just as well as round one. This time, ALMS-virgin Raphael Matos stuffed the car into a competitor just six laps into the event, putting the AGR machine eight or nine laps down while they made repairs. The decision to replace Herta with a pu-pu platter of drivers is going about as well as the decision to replace Marino Franchitti with Christian Fittipaldi, who lasted a whole four races. Bwahaha. The only thing better than watching the XM Acura dreadfully underachieve is watching Andretti make "Michael Andretti Face" after Marco wrecks his IndyCar. Which happened again this weekend as well.

-My ability to jinx teams/competitors by betting on them on CentSports continues. This time, I managed to lose a tennis parlay because ROGER FREAKING FEDERER lost in the first round of a tournament. Time to pimp that site again, because it's awesome: CentSports (affiliate link) is a free--and legal--sports betting site. They give you a dime to play with and if you can get above $20 you're allowed to cash out. If you go bust (as I have many, many times by betting on sports that I know nothing about), they give you a new dime to start with. They also have little bonuses to help you along the way. It should be fun to have around during football season.

-I like that Darren Haydar signing by the Red Wings. He's a nice replacement for Mark Hartigan, who will be playing in Europe to get away from those nasty Wolverines who traumatize him to this day. Haydar hasn't really had much of a chance in the NHL, but he put up 122 points in the AHL a couple of seasons ago and scored .5 ppg when he got called up this year, which isn't bad at all.

-My plea to the Packers and Brett Favre remains the same. To quote two of my favorite singers (Kasey Chambers and Shane Nicholson): "One more year. One more year. Let's hold our breath and give it just one more year." Use some common sense, guys. Please. I think we're past the point where this can be salvaged, but I'm still hoping.

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Anonymous said...

Tim- just one point of clarification on the WNBA thing:

Cheryl Ford tore her ACL PRIOR to the little slap fest. She did it trying to rebound a free throw and sat out of the game... but came back and was on the floor at the end of the game. It wasn't the mosh pit that tore her ACL
although I think that was the moment she realized it was more serious than she originally thought. That league is a joke, but shame on ESPN for overblowing it too.

Also: screw Mark Hartigan and the rest of his SCSU buddies like Finger etc. that haven't done squat in the NHL and somehow are either getting overpaid or are still hanging around.