Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fun With Flight Tracking!

Since Rumormongering is what the internets are for, and since flight tracking was so fun and so addicting during the Michigan coaching search, I guess it should be mentioned that there is currently a flight en route from Green Bay to Hattiesburg, Mississippi that should be landing in the next hour or so.

Things are gonna get really interesting, really quickly. My guess? On board is either Ted Thompson or a hitman.

Come on back, Brett! Optimism still reigns around these parts.

No matter what team he ultimately plays for, I'm excited about the prospect of getting to watch Brett Favre play football again. I'd (obviously) very much prefer that he play in Green Bay, but I'd rather see him in Tampa or (gasp) Minnesota than not playing at all. The Packers are fools if they let him go and if they don't start him.

Edit: The image that was previously posted was of the flight as it made its way into Green Bay. The flight to MS was delayed by an hour. Apparently the shipment of crack to be placed in Favre's suitcase was late in arriving. Either that or it was the storms.

The Green Bay Press Gazette has now confirmed that it is Packers Team President Mark Murphy on board. He's going to try to talk Favre into staying away from training camp. Heckuva plan, guys. Maybe if you're lucky, Favre will just hang out until Rodgers breaks something and then he'll take the high road and bail you dumb-asses out.

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