Saturday, December 09, 2006

Scooter to Michigan!

The Wolverines received another commitment for the class of 2007. Bob Miller reported on the Yost Post that St. Louis Bandits defenseman Charles "Scooter" Vaughan has verballed to Michigan. He sounds like just the type of defenseman that we need. Plays with an edge, good skater.

On the season he has a 1-10--11 line in 26 games, with 60 PIMs. The link to his Pointstreak profile is down, so until it's fixed, the sidebar link to his name will go to the team stats page.

Here's the non-premium information that I was able to dig up on him:

He was a damn good roller hockey player back in the day.

He's on the B-List of "Players to Watch (pdf)" by NHL Central Scouting.

Western College Hockey says that he is a "solid defender, but not in the same class as other top defenseman in the class. Solid offensive defenseman, but can also play with edge."

Unfortunately that's it for now. The Wolverine should have more on him in the morning. It is worth noting that that now makes four defensemen we will be bringing in next year with Dest, Cook, and Hunwick for sure leaving. At least they're covered numbers-wise should one of our three first-round picks on the blueline head for the NHL.

Lastly tonight, I have a new favorite google search that someone used to reach this site. Apparently I have the top two results if you search for: "robbie earl" + "bitch". I love it!

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Anonymous said...

Someone tell me what the hell the point of the Kenny Kam in these Wings broadcasts is? Redamndiculous. That said, I still love listening to this team.