Wednesday, December 06, 2006

More Nonsense From Harris Pollsters

The Detroit Free Press contacted some of the various Harris Poll voters in order to get their defense for voting Florida ahead of Michigan in the final rankings. One would think that they would come out with the standard, albeit wrong, "I just thought Florida was the better football team" response. It appears, however, that the voters were strangely truthful in stating their reasoning. I say it was truthful because, honestly, no one would lie by making themselves look this stupid.

A sample of the responses (and my comments below each):
"Michigan is an outstanding program, but they already had their shot. If this was a tournament system, then they were already eliminated. That was the basis in which I voted for Florida."
Well. I suppose technically so was anyone that isn't Boise State or Ohio State. Nothing like putting in a vote based on an "If this". The general response to that would be, "But it's not!" Wouldn't Florida have been eliminated, then, about 7 weeks ago when they played a decent team and lost?

"We could argue until we are blue in the face who is better between Michigan and Florida. But when you simplify it, we know Ohio State is better than Michigan. Under our system, this brings closure by giving the Big Ten champion the chance to play the SEC champion."

No. We know that Ohio State is better than Michigan (by 3 points) when they're playing on their home field. Due to that relatively slim margin of victory, we know nothing about how those teams would fair on a neutral field. Unless, of course, you feel that homefield advantage means nothing in college football. And if that's the case, I'd say that you're dumb enough to in the Harris Poll!

"The biggest factor is that the SEC and Big Ten are the strongest conferences, and Florida beat six or seven teams ranked in the top 15, and that was a stronger point than Michigan's schedule."

Six or seven teams ranked in the top 15 huh? So you've got LSU, Arkansas, and Tennessee was in the top 15 when Florida beat them, but they aren't anymore. Who else out of Southern Miss, Central Florida, Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia, Vanderbilt, South Carolina, West Carolina, and Florida State are we considering to be a Top 15 team? Keep in mind we have to pick three or four of them to make this statement accurate.

"I believe Florida had a tougher schedule. I also remember Michigan had a tough time against Ball State. The idea of a rematch between Ohio State and Michigan was a factor, but it was at the bottom of the considerations."

Florida had a tougher schedule by an average of .0003 per team in winning percentage. So I guess that part of the statement is true, but not by as much as Gary Danielson would've had you believe. By the way, I heard they had to rent a power washer to clean the announcer booth up after the SEC Championship.

If Michigan is getting knocked down for "having a tough time against Ball State" (fine, next time, leave the starters in) then why aren't we knocking Florida for "having a tough time against Vanderbilt". Or Florida State. Or South freaking Carolina who is only bowl eligible because they beat Wofford, Florida Atlantic, and Middle Tennessee State. And do you "remember" that Michigan had a tough time against Ball State, or did you "hear" that Michigan had a tough time against Ball State? It's fun only looking at final scores isn't it?

"The championship game is not scientific. It's just a show. Let's see something different."

Tell the players that, jackass. I hope you're entertained by 30 point blowouts...

Half the people interviewed in the article pointed to strength of schedule as a factor in the decision. I guess the old saying is true after all. If enough people repeat a lie, it eventually becomes fact.

The Harris Poll, folks! Let's give it a hand!

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