Sunday, December 17, 2006

A Quick NBA Comment

Just a quick comment about the Nets/Knicks brawl from last night:

Whatever suspension Carmelo Anthony ends up getting, they need to tack an extra game onto it just for being a bitch. After he threw that sucker-punch, did you see how fast he got the hell out of there? He couldn't have run away any quicker. That was my favorite part of seeing those replays last night. He's the guy that Jared Jefferies is going after. He's the guy that Nate Robinson runs after. But he's nowhere in sight.

Watch it again, and keep your eye on number 15:

Big man, Anthony. It's pretty sad when 5'5" Nate Robinson will stand in there and fight guys a foot or more taller than him, but 'Melo bugs out after he throws a sucker punch.

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